Fildena Super Active

Published on: February 6, 2024
Last Updated on February 12, 2024
Fildena Super Active

What is Fildena Super Active?

Feeling unhappy in your sex life can be natural which many men experience. If you are not satisfied with your married life, one of the reasons can be your sexual health issues. A lot of men face problems in their penile area when they have penetration. If a man fails to get a hard erection during intercourse, he feels depressed and anxious at the same time.

When erection problems occur in a man, he stays aloof from his female partner. In erection problems, men feel extreme difficulty in sustaining and achieving a hard erection.

When there is no erection, men create a distance from their female partners. They feel ashamed and embarrassed about coming close to their spouse. Getting out of erection troubles is extremely necessary for men to live a normal sex life.

Some men feel uncomfortable ingesting blue pills. Some other men feel bored taking hard erectile dysfunction pills. As a result, such men keep experiencing more issues of impotence. To treat erectile dysfunction, Fildena Super Active can provide you with a harder penis.

The soft gel capsules will help men enhance sexual effectiveness and sexual performance. As compared to other impotence medications, this impotence medicine is more effective. Men with impotence issues receive quicker results as the pill dissolves in their bloodstream.


The manufacturer of Fildena Super Active is Fortune Healthcare which manufactures this ED pill. The medicines of the manufacturing company are extremely potential to treat ED. This esteemed manufacturer makes a wide variety of medicines which include ED pills too. The impotence medications of this manufacturing company are available in various strengths.

How Do Fildena Super Active Tablets Work?

Sildenafil Citrate is the ingredient of Fildena Super Active pills which provide harder erections. This PDE5 inhibitor drug soothes the penile muscles and tissues. The component is equally effective in unwinding erectile blood vessels.

The relaxed blood vessels and muscles encourage blood to circulate all over the erectile area. This medicine is highly potent in treating pulmonary hypertension in men of all ages. When you make the medicine work faster, you get a quick erection.

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What is Fildena Super Active Used For?

Men who struggle to attain and sustain a firm erection need to take Fildena Super Active 100 properly. If the medication is not taken as per a doctor’s guidance, you will not get the needed erections. The constituent of this ED drug improves the circulation of blood in and around the genital organ.

The motto of this impotence medicine is to provide adequate erections as men start taking this drug. This medicine can be used in another way. Men who have pulmonary hypertension can get rid of this disease with the consumption of this ED pill.

The component of this medicine will improve blood supply in the lungs which helps men overcome pulmonary arterial hypertension issues. Have proper guidance on this medicine to make the drug act at the fastest speed.

How To Use Fildena Super Active?

This soft gel capsule needs to be swallowed with water. Taking more than one dose is not acceptable. This male impotence drug should be used without having meals or after eating your meal.

If you have this impotence pill after having your meal, the efficacy may decrease. To increase the action of the medicine, you should have it when your stomach is empty. Before you plan to have sexual intimacy, it is best to take this impotence pill once a day and an hour before having sex.

If a man takes this impotence drug at a specified time, he can get a prompt reaction. The erection will happen as a man ingests this medicine. The medication effect will remain in a man’s body for up to four hours which will help you enjoy sex for a longer duration.

Your medical provider will suggest a dose for you that you need to ingest at a particular time. Altering or misusing the dose can cause severe complications in your health. If you do not catch up on a dose of Fildena Super Active Softgel in a day, try to have it as soon as you recollect.

Stop using the missed dose if it is a few hours close to your missed dose. If you have taken an extra pill of Fildena in a day, your body develops side effects. Give a ring to your medical provider at the earliest if you have ingested more than one pill.

How To Get Fildena Super Active Tablet?

It is not possible to get medicines at all times from a local pharmacy. Buying medicines from a reliable online pharmacy can be a great help to the customers. You have to download the app or click the website of the medicine shop. Using the app is quite easy which will help you get the medicines.

Browse through a wide range of ED medicines from an online chemist store. Whichever impotence drug you wish to buy, you can expect it to get from an online drugstore. Place the order of your desired impotence drug and get the delivery of your ordered impotence medicines in a short while. After you order the drugs, the medications will be delivered to your doorstep. No matter which impotence drug you buy, you will get it at budget-friendly rates.

Side Effects

Side effects of Fildena Super Active can include dry mouth, blurred vision, diarrhea, swelling on the face, irritating skin, or body pain. Some men also experience nausea, tiredness, drowsiness, stomach upset, muscle pain, and back pain.

Warnings and Precautions


Throw the impotence drug if it is expired. Using expired medicines can give rise to side effects.

If you are an adolescent or a teenager, this medicine is not recommended for you.

Driving after ingesting this impotence medication can create problems with your alertness.

Alcohol consumption should be prohibited when an impotent patient takes Fildena Super Active pills.


* If you go through any allergies after having this impotence medication, do not proceed with this drug.

* ED patients with kidney disease, lung problems, liver disease, or diabetes should not use Fildena Super Active.

* Stop using this erectile dysfunction medicine if you have low blood pressure or glaucoma.

* Do not continue your ongoing drugs with this impotence pill.

Storage Method

Store Fildena Super Active in a room whose temperature is between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the impotence medication in a place where there is no heat. Keeping the ED drug in a cool and dry place can increase the shelf life of the drug.