Enlarged Prostate

Some men have to strain while urinating which leads to pain in the bladder. Having a stream of urine that is thin can also be a sign of an enlarged prostate. After a certain age, most men have to deal with an enlarged prostate which is nothing abnormal.

It is necessary to have a normal size of prostate that does not cause a sexual health issue. When a man suffers from an enlarged prostate, it signifies that his prostate gland is bigger.

An enlarged prostate needs immediate treatment which can help men combat erection issues. It has been noticed that men who complain about having an erection issue have found they suffer from an enlarged prostate. When the size of the prostate gland becomes bigger, it can hinder your sexual performance. With proper medications and treatments, an enlarged prostate can be treated. Go to see a doctor at once if you want to have an enjoyable sex life.

How Much Do You Know About Enlarged Prostate? 

Men’s reproductive system consists of the prostate gland, testicles, and penis. The role of the enlarged prostate is to fill fluid in the sperm before ejaculation. When a man is too young, the size of the prostate gland is small.

As the age grows, the size of the prostate gland also keeps growing. If the prostate gland keeps growing, it hinders the urethra. As a result, men feel difficulty in urinating when the prostate gland keeps increasing in size. Men with enlarged prostate will not have a smooth flow of urine. Instead, the urine will drip.

When the prostate gland pinches the urethra, men will feel that their urine is not complete. As a result, they will feel the need to urinate more often at night. Going to an experienced urologist can be your best bet. A urologist will go through a thorough medical exam to analyze the reason for prostate health.

Through physical exams, a urologist will get an idea about the severity of the prostate gland. Your doctor will check the flow of the urine and how much urine your bladder gathers at a time. It is possible that if you have a prostate infection, there is a risk of developing prostate enlargement issues.

How Do Men Develop Prostate Gland? 

Not many healthcare providers know the real cause of enlarged prostate issues. Aging is the main cause of prostate enlargement problems. The gland grows when there is a change in the testicle cells. Some young men have operated their testicles which do not make them suffer from enlarged prostate. It is also noticed that when the testicles are operated on after a man is diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia, the prostate gland starts to shrink in size.

What Should Men Need To Know About Developed Prostate?

The prostate gland is a gland that releases and produces fluid that has sperms at the time of ejaculation. It is the urethra that surrounds the prostate gland. It is also important to know that the prostate gland also has a tube that helps urine pass through the penis. When a man experiences an enlarged prostate, it means that the gland has increased in size.

Most men who have crossed 60 years of age tend to be a higher sufferer of enlarged prostate. In medical terms, men who suffer from benign prostatic hyperplasia are known to suffer from an enlarged prostate. It is necessary to know that benign prostatic hyperplasia is not cancerous. Treatments can help men recover from an enlarged prostate.

Enlarged prostate increases as men grow older. Men who have long life tend to suffer from enlarged prostate. Most men will come to this stage of benign prostatic hyperplasia once in their lifetime.

As per healthcare physicians, it is believed that men who are at the age of 40 start to develop a small amount of prostate enlargement. Men who are above 75 or 80 have a higher risk of abnormal testicle function.

What Medical Exams Men Of Prostate Gland Go Through? 

A medical provider will perform a rectal exam to examine the prostate gland. Your medical professional may ask you a few questions to know what makes the prostate gland develop. Various tests can be done to know the flow and pressure of the urine.

Urinalysis is done to assess the infection in the urinary bladder. Cystoscopy and prostate-specific antigen are also executed in a man’s body. Some medical practitioners also check the level of creatine to assess how good the function of the kidney is.

How Can Men Get Relief From Enlarged Prostate? 

If a man has mild symptoms of an enlarged prostate, treatment is not recommended for male patients. Urologists tell such male patients to wait and watch to see if they are developing more signs of prostate enlargement problems. If a man has recurrent symptoms, medications are prescribed to patients that help decrease the size of the prostate gland.

Medicines can also keep your prostate gland and bladder relaxed. As a result, you will not feel a constant urge to urinate. There are some home remedies that men can implement in their lives that will further help them to get rid of enlarged prostate.

* Do not have antihistamines that you buy from a healthcare professional without showing a prescription.

* Consume plenty of water and other fluids to keep the enlarged prostate away.

* Drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol in moderate amounts can safeguard your prostate health.

* Some herbs can improve the health of your prostate gland. Discuss with your healthcare professional about herbal supplements you can have to treat the prostate gland.

* After you urinate, wait for a moment and empty your bladder again. It is advised not to strain your bladder while emptying the remaining urine.

* If the home remedies or medications do not work, a urologist opts for surgery on the prostate gland.

* Some lifestyle changes may keep men away from suffering from prostate gland problems.

Bottom line 

The prostate gland is not a cancerous sexual health disease. Treating this health issue at the earliest stage can give you a healthy life in the long run.