Peyronie’s Disease

Certain diseases can affect a man’s sexual health very badly. It can affect body parts like the penis, which is problematic in its way. Peyronie’s Disease is one such disorder, which can have multiple impacts on a person’s penile health. It can certainly cause sexual trouble to a man and affect his relationship with his partner.

What is The Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is a major sexual health problem in men and can cause a lot of issues. Conditions like ED may appear because of this. It mainly affects by stimulating the growth of fibrous tissues inside your penis.

The growth of this scar fibrous tissue inside your penis makes it heavier and can cause it to bend. This bending ultimately leads to a curvy penis, which makes it an abnormal condition.

A curvy penis is certainly not able to have a proper erection, which ultimately causes problems. It potentially makes a man impotent, and can even force him to take erection pills.

What are the early symptoms of the disease?

Every disease complex or simple gives some sort of indication before turning into its deadliest form. Peyronie’s Disease is also a disease that exhibits certain signs, which may not appear very serious in the beginning but are troubling. Major symptoms of the disease are-

  • Troubled erection- a person experiencing sudden troubles in getting an erection can be an indicator of the disease.

Though a condition like this may happen because of other reasons one cannot ignore this sign. Consulting a doctor is primary in certain situations especially if the erection problem persists.

  • Curvy penis- a man’s penis is not supposed to be curvy. It is supposed to be straight and erect whenever the person gets aroused or stimulated. However, because of this condition, the penis may turn curvy.

This can cause many problems including trouble direction that ultimately affects his sex life. A person facing such signs should not ignore them. Ignoring such signs early on can lead to a troubling state for your penis.

  • Lumps appearing on penis- because of the sudden proliferation of scar-like tissues inside your penis it is well possible that lumps may appear from outside. These lumps may indicate that you are suffering from Peyronie’s Disease.

There can be other side effects of the disease in the body as well. This includes issues while urinating or even facing sudden pain near the penile region.

Can Peyronie’s Disease cause penile bending and shortening?

A good health of the penis is very critical for a person to avoid major issues. Sexual issues can be troubling, as it not only affects your physical body but your mental health as well. This can put your confidence down and affect marital relationships immensely.

What makes this disease deadlier is that it can affect your penile appearance as well. The disease not only causes erectile dysfunction but also can change the size of your penis. If you have a moderate-sized penis, there is a high chance it can shrink in size.

Shortening of the penis is a bad sign for any man as this can affect his sexual abilities as well. The disease can also turn your penis to bend upward or downward instead of remaining straight during erection.

Many men who are suffering from the condition have reported how their penis has turned into an hourglass shape. This indicates how serious Peyronie’s Disease is and how badly it can affect your morale and confidence.

Does the Condition trigger Pain on Penis?

A condition like Peyronie’s Disease can have multiple side effects on the body. However, the most excruciating effect is definitely on your penis. Not only does it deform its size and shape but it can also cause immense pain.

Suffering from immense pain would become a normal affair for men encountering such conditions. The formation of fibrous tissues inside your penis restricts blood flow inside it.

This causes the pressure to increase in your penile region, which ultimately causes the pain. In addition, it affects vital nerve pathways that reach your penis, which further causes pain.

A person dealing with Peyronie’s Disease may have to consult the doctor to take good medicines to deal with pain as well. Even tougher men who can bear terrific levels of pain may feel the brunt as it affects the penis.

Different Stages of It

The Peyronie’s Disease generally has 2 phases for a person who is suffering from it. These phases are-

  • Acute phase- This is the primary or initial stage of the disease where the penile bending starts. This phase can last up to one and a half years or 18 months and induce immense pain whenever you get an erection. It is the phase where cellular growth of the tissue is still happening and has not ceased yet.
  • Chronic Phase- After the growth of the tissue starts to slow down and ultimately seizes up the chronic phase of the disease begins. This is the phase where the condition can last in a person for even a lifetime.

Curing it almost becomes impossible and only therapies can provide some relief from it. However, one good thing is that one can expect not to experience pain whenever getting an erection during this stage.

Diagnosis for Peyronie’s Disease

The doctor prescribes certain tests to identify whether you are suffering from it or not. This may include causing an erection by injecting something into your penis. A good doctor would be able to understand if the erection is normal or not.

Deep ultrasound waves may also be sent over your penis to identify if any calcium build-up has happened or not. This can help in learning if the issue has surged lump formation inside your penis.

Treatment of the Condition

There are multiple ways to treat Peyronie’s Disease properly. In the beginning, the oral doctor might be the prescription by the doctor. However, if the condition progresses rapidly surgical options are there too.

PRP methods, alongside low-intensity shockwave therapies, can also assist a man treat this properly.