Frequent Urination

Do you feel the urge to pee most of the time? When you drink water or other fluids, feeling the urge to urinate is natural. When you pee more often without drinking water or fluid, it can be a sign of a health problem.

Urinating eight times a day or nothing uncommon which many people do in a day. If you keep making frequent trips to the washroom for urination, it is a potential sign of frequent urination. Men and women of any age are the sufferers of frequent peeing. It is indeed inconvenient for a person who pees quite often a day. When a man pees too many times a day, it makes a person feel uncomfortable.

It may happen that you are working at your workplace and you are going to the washroom often because you have the urge to pee often. You may feel embarrassed rushing to the washroom over and over again in front of your colleagues.

If you are outdoors or traveling, rushing to the washroom will be inconvenient for you. Frequent peeing can leave you in an awkward situation. No matter what your age is, frequent peeing can happen at any age of your life. Gender or sex does not matter when it comes to frequent urination issues.

Frequent peeing can disrupt your personal and professional life. If the symptoms of frequent peeing bother you, seek medical help at once. Talk to your medical professional to help you get a suitable treatment. Correct diagnosis and treatment can help a patient get relief from frequent peeing. As a patient starts taking medications, the patient will be able to overcome the issue of frequent urination. Patients will not have to pee many times a day once they start having the useful drugs.

Can Frequent Urination Be A Sign Of Other Health Issues? 

Many healthcare professionals believe that frequent peeing can be a sign of other health issues. If you are taking medications for some diseases, you may complain about experiencing frequent peeing.

Women who are pregnant or a man who has a urinary tract infection can suffer from frequent peeing issues. Men and women who have high blood sugar or if any of them are going through overactive bladder issues, frequent urination may likely to occur. Men who have prostate issues are more likely to suffer from frequent urination. If you are having an untreated health condition, your medical provider will help you relieve from frequent urination.

What Are The Normal Times For People For Urination? 

On average, there are countless men and women who urinate eight times every day. If a man feels that he gets the urge to urinate every half an hour, it is considered normal. The reason is that the person may be drinking more water.

When a man has other fluids in large amounts, he is likely to pee every half an hour. Also, there are certain medicines that can make a person pee more often. Men who are above 70 years of age, women who have conceived and men who are diagnosed with an enlarged prostate have a high risk of suffering from frequent urination.

Frequency Of Urination As Per Age 

Most people get up in the middle of the night to urinate. If you drink more water before going to bed, you may have a chance of getting up from bed for urination. The frequency of peeing may change as per a person’s age.

If you are at the age of 40, you can urinate once at night. If you are at the age of 60, you may pee twice at night. If your age is 70 or 80, you may pee three times at night. When you get up in the middle of the night for urination, it hampers your sleep. Many people do not know that frequent peeing can give rise to heart attack, sleep disorders, or edema in patients.

Talk to your healthcare practitioner if you pee more than your age. Your medical professional will provide some effective medications to stop frequent urination. It is best to drink water or other fluids as per your age. Drinking more water than required can be harmful for your health.

How Can Your Medical Professional Treat Frequent Urination? 

If your medical provider comes to know that you pee more than eight times a day, you are dealing with frequent urination issues. If constant peeing bothers you, get help from your medical practitioner at the earliest. Your medical professional will ask you a few questions to understand the cause of frequent urination. Your medical provider may ask you about the intake of your water, the medications you take, or the number of consumption of alcohol or other fluids. Your medical provider will tell you to do a urine test. If necessary, your medical professional may tell you to do an ultrasound test to see tumors. Some doctors tell patients to do a cystoscope to see if there is a stone or cyst in the bladder.

What Are The Ways To Stop Frequent Urination? 

Frequent urination can be managed with treatment. Some things you can also do to treat frequent urination on your own.

* Have water only eight times a day. Do not consume other beverages such as alcohol which can increase the number of urination.

* Right before you go to sleep, stop taking fluids or water which can make you urinate frequently.

* Abstain from non-alcoholic beverages and some medications which may give rise to the number of urination.

* Drink moderate amounts of water in a day in a few sips so that you do not have to urinate often.

Probable Treatments For Frequent Urination 

Your medical provider tells you to take antibiotic drugs to treat infections in the urinary bladder or urinary tract .

Men should keep their prostate healthy and keep high blood sugar away by normalizing it.

Kegel exercise or pelvic floor exercises can do wonders on frequent peeing in men and women.

Your medical practitioner will suggest moderate amounts of fluid according to your age which will not make you pee often.