Unplanned or untimely pregnancies can be worrisome for a couple to deal with. It can put a lot of stress and anxiety primarily on the female partner. Such issues can also put physical changes of a permanent nature on the woman, which can put a lot of strain on relationships. However, doctors can tackle such things easily by a simple medical procedure. That medical procedure is called vasectomy.

What is a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a medical procedure done on a man’s penis to stop the mixing of sperm with other fluid that comes out during ejaculation. The semen, which forms because of the mixing of the fluid and sperm can interact with the ovum of a woman and can trigger unplanned pregnancy.

To avoid such situations vasectomy is an important procedure. It is a urological procedure that men do to avoid embarrassing unplanned pregnancies in their partner. The sperm of a man can fertilise the ovum of a female, which is a woman’s egg.

By preventing mixing of this form, it helps in avoiding such situations. Instead of releasing it during ejaculation, the process makes the produced sperm be reabsorbed in the body. It can reduce the need to wear condoms awfully.

This is quite a popular medical procedure that many American men do every year. More than 500,000 men in the US undergo a vasectomy every year. What makes it so popular is not only the benefit of us but it is not a very complex procedure.

Vasectomy is one such urological procedure that can be done in one day. A person may not have to stay in the hospital for more than 24 hours to conduct a successful vasectomy.

What are the major functions of the male reproductive system?

The male reproductive system is very vital in its own way. Just like the female reproductive system, it also bears many duties in the process of procreation.

It is in that process that sperm secretion takes place in a man’s testicles. Secretion of sperm in the testicles is critical in the formation of semen that ultimately comes out through the penis. Testes are also vital for the secretion of the male sex hormone, i.e., testosterone.

Produced sperm is mixed with other fluids, which is critical for the formation of semen. When a man has sex with a woman, the semen comes out of the penis passing through the ejaculatory tract and urethra.

This propelling of semen from the penis tip enables the female vagina to allow its entry. This ultimately causes the sperm to reach its final stop for the process of procreation. Nevertheless, a medical procedure like Vasectomy can prevent it.

By preventing the mixture of sperm with other ejaculatory fluids, it prevents semen formation. This enables a person to have relative-care-free sex without fears of unwanted pregnancy.

What should be your expectations before undergoing vasectomy?

Vasectomy is not a very complex medical procedure. It is one of the simplest surgeries, which can be done swiftly. However, it can put a lot of pressure on a person undergoing it. Especially the night before getting a vasectomy can be stressful. The good thing about this medical procedure is that it is a one-day job.

In addition, the sedation that would be provided to the patient would depend upon the person’s mindset. A person who is very nervous or anxious may get full seduction. However, local sedation can do the job equally well.

A person who is more confident and relaxed may opt for such a procedure. However, it would depend on the surgeon who would do the vasectomy for you. Therefore, you can expect the surgeon to take the final call regarding the type of sedation.

It is always better to come in clean before undergoing such surgery. Pubic hair is a major hindrance in conducting the operation. It is advised that people who are looking to have a vasectomy clean their pubic hair and scrotum properly.

Those who do not come in with a clean shaved scrotum would request someone else to do this job for him on the day of vasectomy. This can be unsettling for some people and that is why it is advised to come in clean before the surgery.

What are the different types of vasectomy?

Primarily 2 types of vasectomy can be opted for. Both these can offer equally good results however may differ in the procedural way of achieving so.

The different types of vasectomy are as follows-

  • Conventional vasectomy – this is the more traditional form of the vasectomy procedure. It is still the primary way of conducting vasectomy procedures across the world.

In this process, your surgeon may make 2 precision holes in your scrotum to get access to the vas deferens present inside it.

Through the holes, the surgeon may cut the vas deferens, which would prevent the mixing of sperm with the other fluids. Usually, sutures are needed to facilitate faster healing of the wounds.

  • No-Scalpel Vasectomy-this method is much less invasive compared to the conventional way. It involves the surgeon making small punctures on the scrotum after which the vas deferens are pulled a bit. After this, the surgeon cuts them and ties them together before they enter.

Can a person undergo a vasectomy-reversal procedure?

This is a very common question, asked by people, who want to do a vasectomy but plan to have kids in the future. Yes, it is possible to undergo a vasectomy-reversal procedure. This can enable you to avoid unplanned pregnancy for now and have kids in the future as planned.

Things to do in-home before vasectomy

Before undergoing vasectomy, you must take a few precautionary measures. These measures are not very complex and people do not have to worry that much about them.

For example, a person must not drink before undergoing a medical process like a vasectomy. Alcohol weakens the immune system and if the surgery is not done properly, it can cause infection near your penis. It is also advised to have lighter food before surgery day.