What medicines can you order online at Pillsforcare?

  • You can order a range of different types of medicines with us on Pillsforcare. We do offer you various types of pills all of which are recommended by the FDA.
  • We offer pills for curing  various types of pain such as Muscle pain and neural pain Medicines for ED such as Fildena, Cenforce, Suhagra, Tadalista, Vidalista, Vidalista 20mg, Silditop, Sildimax, Sildalist, Bluemen, etc. Pills such as Ivermectin for curing anti-parasitic infections Hydroxychloroquine for curing bacterial infections And others.

Can you get medicines delivered free of cost?

  • Yes, you may get the medicines delivered right to your doorstep and this is an exclusive feature that we provide on Pillsforcare. These special offers are our zero delivery cost orders which come out for a specific time. You can avail of these offers only if you are eligible for every term and condition.
  • Remember that such special offers are only available for a few select brands and you also have to order above a certain cut-off amount.

What is the process for canceling your order?

  • At times you might be in no more need of the pills that you have ordered online on Pillsforcare. Such orders can again be placed both online and offline. For online you need to log in to your account and visit the calcination tab.
  • If you wish to proceed with the process in an offline route then you can do so by calling us and speaking with our representatives on the helpdesk number.
  • Even then we have an exclusive feature that you do not get anywhere else and that is to revoke your cancelation order in case you do change your mind. But such a feature is only limited to a time of 48 hours since you put your cancelation request.

What is the time till you get your delivery at your doorstep?

  • At Pillsforcare we always try and keep your delivery time shortest to the extent possible. We have a very fast and efficient delivery system to allow the pills to reach your home within as few as 2 or 3 days for local orders within the same state, city, or town. In case you are domestically situated but in another state, your orders can reach your doorstep in 4 to 5 days.
  • And in case you are internationally located in another country, it may take more than 10 to 15 days to reach the pills to your doorstep.

How is your final refund amount calculated?

  • If you wish to go for a return and refund in case you do not need to use the product anymore after the delivery has been done then you can put a return and refund request both using online and offline means as we discussed above. But remember that the refund amount for cancelation or return order will be reached once we have reduced all charges and other no receivables parts from it.
  • No taxes, material handling charges, customs charges, shipping charges, local courier charges will be refunded back to the customer.

When can you cancel your order?

  • We generally have a very exclusive provision for the customers wherein they can cancel the order any time before delivery. This means that you can even put up a cancelation order even in the final minutes on the date of delivery. But remember that the more delay you do the more will be the cancelation charges levied on you.

What is the maximum time for a return and refund order request?

  • A return and refund order may take some time to execute and for us to finally complete the online transaction. Remember with a return and refund or with a cancelation order there are many checks And due diligence procedures that need to be undertaken until we process the return and refund order.
  • All refunds are due to be processed within a maximum of 15 days from the time of generating a return or cancelation request online on our system. But this time is excluding all holidays.

What different types of discounts do you get on Pillsforcare?

We are known for making special offers to the customer. We offer a discount on every purchase. You can get weekly discounts, daily discounts or a one-time discount on your first time buying