• We do have a few terms and conditions on our website at Pillsforcare. We encourage all our customers to come and check out the terms and conditions page such that you don’t have to face problems or confusion later after purchase.
  • At Pillsforcare we try and make our online portal as customer-friendly as possible. We ask you to check out the terms and conditions that are mandated by our management team on various facets.

Sharing your personal and private information during registration or purchase of medicines

  • Sharing your personal information is important and necessary for buying pills online. You don’t have to undergo a mandatory registration process.  You may wish to register on our website if you wish to become one of our members.
  • Of course, there are some benefits of being one of our members. By being one of the members you get access to membership discounts and offers that are curated for you only.
  • Apart from this, you can also continue as a guest user but sharing some of the personal information is necessary for keeping a track of information and referring back to it in the future if need be.

Cookie policy acceptance

  • If you are a frequent buyer of medicines from our portal then you may wish to accept our cookie policies. By accepting our cookie policies you will save time during ordering your pills.
  • By accepting our cookie policy you will essentially permit us to store all personal information saved about you on our data servers. Next time you come to purchase medicine on our portal you do not have to enter all the personal information as it is pre-saved on our data servers.

Age guidelines for visiting our portal

  • Our age guidelines do not permit anyone less than 18 years of age to transact on our portal. By continuing on you agree to such guidelines.
  • By continuing with our age confirmation rules you state that you are above 18 years of age and have knowledge regarding all the inherent risks of buying medicines online or transacting online. We can also hold you liable if you provide misleading or dubious information.

Providing feedback and comments on our portal

  • Whether you wish to share a comment or post your review stating about your experiences of using any medicine is up to you entirely. You may wish to share your thoughts, experiences, and feelings by writing down a comment or giving a detailed review.
  • The choice rests entirely with our customers only. We do not encourage you to post any review or comment on our website. But having said that we hope that you will give your reviews and share your feelings.
  • After all, posting your reviews and comments on our website gives Pillsforcare its much-needed credibility and authenticity. By the way, it also helps other customers like you to have some idea about general experiences of using the same medicine.

Time for shipping your orders

  • The time for your shipment to arrive at your doorstep may vary. Even though we always commit you to provide your package of medicines faster but due to unforeseen future and in cases of emergencies things may be out of our control and this may cause a delay in receiving your package of medicines.
  • Any timeline that we provide is only an expected date of delivery and may change due to a sudden delay. If you are unsatisfied with our delay then you may go ahead and cancel your orders and ask for a refund.

Availing discounts

  • All discount and cashback offers have their terms and conditions and certain rules for becoming eligible to access the offer. You will become eligible for availing of the offer if you qualify for each condition mentioned. Often it is time bounded as well with cut-off dates and times within which you have to finalize your order.

Paying customs charges

  • It may happen that your package of medicines has been withheld by the customs department for international deliveries. In such cases, it is only the responsibility of our customers and not us to negotiate with the customs authorities and pay any such charges as demanded. If not then after a certain time it will return to our shipment centers.