• If you have any doubts or if you are a first-time customer at Pillsforcare it is mandatory as we encourage you to read the privacy policy and check out all its guidelines.
  • We recommend you to know about every service that we extend to you and how we retain our privacy policy terms.

Providing communicable contact details including your email and mobile number

  • For any customers who wish to buy medicines on our portal, they will have to share all details of their email and mobile number such that you are contactable with us.
  • We recommend you to keep that mobile number functional and your email functional too unless you receive your medicine package from us. This is because at each time we will confirm you with all proceedings regarding your payment, successful order placement online only.
  • This means we will share your emails and messages at every important juncture during the delivery and ordering process.

Sharing your permanent address

  • You need to share your permanent address with us or any address where you are communicable. We ask you to adhere to all forms of caution to enter the permanent address carefully.
  • This is because we will be delivering you to this address only. If you wish to change your address then you can do so but we recommend you to make such changes at least ten days before ensuring that we have changed the address on our databases.
  • Remember to put in all the important parameters in your address correctly such as the building name, apartment name, stress name, location, area, Pincode. If during delivery our representative is not able to track your address then your shipment may even return.

Sharing your personal information online with us

  • In some cases, you must share personal information with us. we do not intend to collect any extra personal information more than we need. But there is some information that is mandatory for us to be able to serve you.
  • For example, your name, your address, your mobile number, and your email are needed as these are non-redundant information. Such information helps us to keep track of all buy transactions occurring on our portal and keep them as records for future purposes in times of conflict.

Payment information

  • All payments need to be done by online means. On the online modes of payment, we have various means of paying us such as with the use of debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, online wallets such as PayPal, or even net banking.
  • Choose one according to your choice. Remember that at Pillsforcare we offer the customers the highest levels of online payment security. We have the best-secured measures in place to ensure a point-to-point delivery of online transactions.
  • Our payment technology will establish contact points on an end-to-end peer-to-peer basis on both the sending and receiver IPs. It is then that through this private encrypted 256-bit SSL security layer that the payment occurs. As fast as the payment is made and received at both ends the link gets canceled automatically. No payment regarding information is saved on our website.

Acceptance to Pillsforcare’s cookie policy

  • You need to accept our online cookie policy which you may not As well as per your choices. But we recommend that if you are a frequent buyer on our portal accepting our cookie policies might be essential and helpful for you to reduce the amount of time you spend on completing an order.
  • Accepting our cookie policy gives us the right to save your private information such as email, mobile number, name, etc. on our data servers. So the next time you come to our place to make your order you do not have to fill up the same old information time and time again.

Confirm to our age guidelines

  • We have a preset age guideline rule that is safe as any other online transacting place. We do not recommend anyone who is not an adult so far or not having reached the age of 18 years of age to come and transact on our portal.

Online privacy regarding sharing your reviews and comments

  • We do not have any policies in place where it is mandatory to share your experiences in the form of a review or comment. It is entirely up to you.