• Our cancellation policy at Pillsforcare pertains to cancellations done on behalf of the customers.
  • We recommend all our customers check out the norms and rules for canceling your order to avoid the formation of any confusion and contraindications later on.

How to generate a cancellation order through your registered account?

  • The customers at Pillsforcare put forth a cancellation order just by visiting our online website and then logging into their accounts.
  • Here you will come to witness the cancellations tab. Proceed to fill in all information as asked and then complete it. Remember that it is an OTP verified process to ensure that only the customers are putting in such cancellation orders.
  • When you do put in the OTP and finally confirm your cancellation order it is accepted by our system.

Can you cancel the cancellation order?

  • Sometimes soon after requesting a cancellation you may change your mood and wish to cancel it back again. We do not know much about the other websites but rarely do you get this option to revert and cancel your cancellation request.
  • But this is why we at Pillsforcare are so special. Even we include this feature for all our customers. But for our systems to accept this request you must confirm it within 48 hours of putting in the original cancellation order.

How to place a cancellation order offline?

  • Sometimes customers may not have the internet to avail of our online website. So does this means that you will not be able to cancel your order anymore? No, not at all. You see at Pillsforcare we keep all types of provisions even for cancellation requests.
  • With us, you can even put up a request for cancellation order in the offline mode. This can be done by putting in a cancellation order through our customer helpline number.
  • If you wish to cancel your order all you have to do is call on our customer helpline number and speak with our representatives. Hey, will conduct a few verification processes over the phone to ensure that you are the customer.
  • After the final confirmation is put forth in the system you will also receive a cancellation email from us that states all medicines you have canceled.

Are there any cancellation charges?

  • Of course, there is a cancellation charge that is levied on your cancellation request. In case you do revoke your cancellation request within 48 hours then no changes are done whatsoever.
  • You must remember that at Pillsforcare we try and keep the cancellation charges as low as possible. but since your order is already in transit it does hamper our logistical operations and this is why we order your cancellation charge.
  • No such payments need to be made. It will be deducted from the amount that comes out to be your refund after deducting the other deductibles.

What will be your final refund amount?

  • You see your final refund amount is calculated based on levying a cancellation charge. And remember that the shipping charges, local courier charges, package handling charges, taxes, and customs charges are not paid back as well.
  • All such charges will be deducted from the amount of purchase amount and whatever little amount is left will be paid back to you in due time but not unless we have conducted all the due diligence checks and confirmations.

How long till the refund is processed?

  • Getting back your cancellation amount or the refund amount may take time. You see we have to gather a lot of information and conduct diligence checks to see that we are paying the right party.
  • Remember that it may take up to 10 or 15 days of working time to process to cancellation order till you finally receive your refund amount in your bank account. And this time is also excluding all holidays.

Up to what time can you cancel your order?

  • The benefit that all our customers at Pillsforcare enjoy is that they can cancel their orders anytime. You may wish to cancel your order even on the date of delivery. You can place a cancellation order anytime until our representative hands you the package of medicines.
  • But remember that the more delay you do in putting your cancellation request the higher will be the cancellation charges. Once you receive the order you are no longer eligible for a cancellation order.
  • Rather you are now eligible for a return and refund order. So doc checks out the return and refund policies.