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Overview of Kamagra 100

Kamagra 100 is a tablet that is taken to get rid of the problem of poor penile erection. Men nowadays regularly face this issue while copulation prevents the attainment of sexual pleasure. Taking Kamagra overcomes the problem and provides adequate erection of the penis for 3 to 4 hours. Thus, couples can now enjoy orgasm multiple times and add more spark to their relationship.

What Is Kamagra 100 Tablet?

Kamagra 100 is a water-soluble tablet that must be swallowed and not chewed. The drug is high in demand due to its high success ratio and low chances of any major side effects. Every drug will have minor reactionary effects such as headache, itching, and rashes, these don’t need medical attention. In terms of chemistry, Kamagra pills is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor. It restricts the functions of PDE5 to supply enough blood to the penis.


Kamagra 100 is sold under the name Ajanta Pharma Ltd. The drugmaker manufactures, packs, and distributes the drug. Apart from selling products in the domestic market, Ajanta Pharma is one of the biggest pharmaceutical exporters in India. The drugmaker is operating in more than 30 countries mainly in the emerging countries including those in Africa, Asia. But as per the current developments, Ajanta Pharma is making its foothold strong in the USA. The Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange both list the firm.


Sildenafil Citrate, which makes up more than 90% of Kamagra formula, is the active component. The composition is not in your control so don’t worry about it. If the doctor has prescribed the drug, then all factors are taken care of by him/her.

Working of Kamagra 100

The main application of Kamagra 100 is to erect the penis during sexual intercourse and make sure the erection lasts. For erection, the basic requirement is enough blood flow in the penis. But during ED penis is deficient in the blood therefore there is only one solution to cure ED. This is accomplished by restoring blood flow to the penis. For this to happen, blood pressure is normalized, pelvic muscles are relaxed and smoothening of erectile tissues is facilitated.

How To Take Kamagra 100 Tablet?

  • Take a pill of Kamagra and swallow it with normal water, that’s it.
  • Do not chew, bite, break or disintegrate the pills because it is not recommended by doctors.
  • The medicine should be taken according to the prescription’s strength and dose. Change strength and dosage only after consulting the doctor.
  • Take Kamagra 100 tablets almost an hour before indulging in sexual intercourse. Remember drugs will get activated only if you are sexually stimulated.

Precaution Taking Before Kamagra 100

  • ED patients should oblige by every single rule mentioned in the prescription.
  • Kamagra 100 is a drug that may cause a sleepy feeling after consumption. Therefore, avoid driving or doing any technical task after taking Kamagra.
  • Tell the doctor about your medical history, current health problems, relationship issues, choice of food, sleep-wake cycle, etc.
  • Avoid getting addicted during the medication period of Kamagra.

Benefits of Using Kamagra 100

Long-lasting erection

The main and only benefit of Kamagra 100 for which people take it, is a proper erection. If taken properly as per the prescription, Kamagra can provide sustained erection for 3 to 4 hours. The duration may differ on how strictly the prescription is followed.


Over Dose

People cannot expect outstanding results if they over dose Kamagra 100. The reactivity of Kamagra turns aggressive when overdosed. Side effects due to overdose of Kamagra are lack of sensation, loss of vision, memory loss, fainting, or even coma. A patient who has overdosed on Kamagra should be given medical attention instantly.

Other Alternative Pills

Miss Dose

Missing the dose makes the drug weaker and produces less than expected results. If you miss a dosage, try to catch up as quickly as possible. But if the next dose is just less than 1 hour away then skip the current dose and take the next dose directly. But do not take double pills in the next dose as people often try to compensate for the missed dose.

Avoid To Take Kamagra 100

  • Avoid taking Kamagra 100 if your doctor has not prescribed the drug. Do not take it by yourself.
  • Kamagra should not be taken by those who are suffering from low blood pressure because consumption of Kamagra will further reduce blood pressure. This will create a situation of excessive low blood pressure which can cause even a coma.
  • If you’re allergic to Sildenafil Citrate, stay away from Kamagra.

Side Effects of Kamagra 100

Red Rashes

Few parts of the body may encounter red patches. Don’t get tensed these are minor side effects, within a few days they will disappear automatically.


Due to low dopamine, the mood of the patient may become dull. In extreme cases, a dull mood compiled with stress and loneliness can cause depression.

Storage of Kamagra 100

  • Kamagra 100 can be stored at any temperature under 40o
  • Do not store the drug in places where direct sunlight falls.
  • Store the drug in place with low to moderate humidity. High moisture content can react with the drug making it damp.
  • Applying any form of pressure on the pills is not recommended. If broken the tablets are of no use.

Kamagra 100 Review

Kamagra 100 and its effectiveness can best be understood by reading its reviews online. Search the drug on Pillsforcare and get plenty of reviews. What are you waiting for? order Kamagra and share your experience also.


Kamagra 100 will give you desired results only when consumed according to the prescription. Treat it like a serious drug do not just go and start taking it. A slight mistake can even risk your life.


Is Kamagra 100 a legal drug?

Kamagra 100 is cent percent legal. It has to go approvals to be sold freely by the FDA, TGA, CDSCO, and other drug regulators.

Can we take Kamagra with alcohol?

With alcohol, you will not get expected results because it slows down the reactivity of the drug. So, expect the erection to last less than assured.

Can a heart patient take Kamagra?

Heart patients are on the top list of severe side effects because of extreme complexities. So, if the doctor allows then only take the drug.

Is Kamagra effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction?

Kamagra 100 is effective or not can be determined just by reading a few reviews from Pillsforcare. Its high effectiveness is the reason doctors continue prescribing it.

Where to buy Kamagra 100 from?

Out of several online sites, Pillsforcare is the best one to place your order from. With super-fast delivery and regular discounts, you cannot get a better deal.

Can I take Kamagra if suffering from insomnia?

Insomnia causes disturbance in sleep. No report says Kamagra 100 can cause harm to an insomnia patient. Therefore, tell the doctor about insomnia during the diagnosing process.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Ajanta Pharma Ltd


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