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Overview of Tastylia

  • Tastylia is a treatment of Erectile Dysfunction or ED. Unlike most other treating drugs of ED Tastylia is an oral tablet that need not be swallowed, rather it only must be put on the tongue and within seconds the drug will dissolve automatically.
  • Tastylia is a prescription-based drug thus, any action against the prescription will lead to undesirable consequences.

What Is Tastylia Tablet?

  • Tastylia tablet is considered a stalwart product among patients with Erectile Dysfunction patients due to its high effectiveness and fewer chances of side effects. Tastylia tablet is an ED treatment pill that belongs to the PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor class, which inhibits PDE5’s activities.
  • The importance of it will be explained later in the essay. Follow the directions in the prescription to get the most out of it.


  • The drug-making company behind the manufacturing of Tastylia tablets is Healing Pharma Pvt Ltd. The company has been in the business of drug making for more than a decade. Besides being an independent manufacturer, it is also involved in contract manufacturing. The headquarters of Healing Pharma Pvt Ltd is located in Maharashtra. Its range of products include antibiotics, antifungal, weight loss, diabetes, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergen, anti-depressant, and many more.


  • In the total composition, the major chunk is constituted by Tadalafil, a well-known chemical in ED drugs. Composition is very much important because if a person takes a drug to which he is allergic, then it can result in serious side effects. This is why doctors examine the medical history, allergies, infections, current medications, addictions, and every possible health aspect.

Working of Tastylia

  • The working mechanism of Tastylia is identical to ED treating pills. For erection a heavy blood supply in the penile region is necessary. During ED due to a host of reasons like smoking, drinking too much alcohol, diabetes mellitus, obesity etch blood supply to the penis is decreased or halted. The use of Tastylia revives this flow of blood into the penis by smoothening the walls of the penis, reducing blood pressure, and easing tension in pelvic muscles.

How To Take Tastylia Tablet?

  • Tastylia must be taken into the mouth and chewed but not swallowed. When the pill is placed on the tongue, it dissolves immediately. Tastylia is an ODP because of this (Orally Disintegrating Pill).
  • Do not take Tastylia tablet with any juice, shake or beverage, use only water.
  • Tastylia tablet must be taken in strength and dosage which is given in the prescription.

Precaution Taking Before Tastylia

  • Before taking Tastylia make sure you stop getting addicted till the course of medication. If possible, give up addiction completely.
  • Tastylia must not be taken with any other pill which reduces blood pressure. As it will lead to extremely low blood pressure because Tastylia also brings down blood pressure.



  • Those under the misbelief that taking extra pills will cure ED at a much faster rate are under direct misbelief. Overdose of Tastylia causes extreme reactions which leads to very low blood pressure, loss of sensation, loss of vision, low memory power, or even coma, etc.

Miss Dose

  • If you have missed a dose of Tastylia then don’t waste much time and quickly take the missed dose. If it’s almost time for the next missed dosage, don’t take it. Avoid taking extra pills during the next dose for compensation for the missed dose. Missing dose too often reduces the impact of the drug.

Avoid To Take Tastylia

  • Don’t take the drug if it’s not prescribed by the doctor. Taking the drug on your own may risk your life.
  • Tastylia must be avoided by people who are already taking some other ED pill. Taking more than one ED tablet at a time is banned.
  • Tastylia must be avoided if you are suffering from any mental disorder like insomnia, narcolepsy, depression, anxiety, etc.
  • If you are allergic to Tadalafil, you should not use Tastylia. The doctor will shortly prescribe you some other ED pill.

Side Effects


  • Intake of Tastylia is found to result in lethargy, laziness, dizziness for some time. So, don’t drive or undertake any risky task after taking Tastylia.

Sudden change in mood

  • Users have experienced a sudden change in mood after taking Tastylia. It’s better not to make any important decision after taking Tastylia.


  • Tastylia is a drug that can easily be stored at room temperature. The ideal range of temperature is 20oC to 35o
  • Do not store Tastylia in a place that encounters water leakage. It can lead to dampening of the drug which makes it ineffective.
  • Tastylia should be stored in places where direct sunlight does not fall.


  • Check the reviews of Tastylia before making the final decision to purchase the drug. But many times, online reviews turn out to be fake. Hence, it is important to choose a trusted website like Pillsforcare that posts only verified reviews.


  • Remember that Tastylia is not a magic spell that will eradicate ED and its symptoms in a go. Like any drug, it may or may not work for somebody. Your only job in the process is cent percent abiding by the prescription.


Is Tastylia approved by agencies?

Tastylia is approved by most of the trusted drug regulators such as the FDA, CDCSO, TGA, PMDA, and many others. So, don’t worry about the validation of Tastylia.

Can we take Tastylia with alcohol?

Tastylia should not be used with alcohol since it decreases the drug’s impact. This will lead to less erection than assured which means less enjoyment on bed.

Can a heart patient take Tastylia?

Heart patients are in the front line of vulnerable to side effects due to the intense complexity of the situation. Doctors usually don’t prescribe Tastylia to heart, kidney, and liver patients.

Is Tastylia effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction?

The question of the effectiveness of Tastylia is answered by users in the reviews section on Pillsforcare. People across the globe have been using Tastylia for decades to add spice to their dull sex life.

Where to buy Tastylia from?

One can either choose to buy Tadalista directly from medical stores or get the tablets delivered at preferred residence by placing an order on Pillsforcare.

Can I take Tastylia if suffering from insomnia?

Taking Tastylia during insomnia can cause permanent damage to the sleep cycle because due to insomnia it is already in a vulnerable state.

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