Why Do Some Pains Last For Long?

Published on: January 16, 2023
Last Updated on February 20, 2024
chronic pain

Are you experiencing constant aches in your body? Are you experiencing shooting or burning sensations in any parts of your body? Do you feel throbbing or stinging feelings in your body? If yes, then these aches could be due to chronic pain which occurs in many people. Usually, chronic pain or long-lasting pain affects mostly older people. It has been observed that chronic pain can occur in people of all age groups.

When you feel chronic pain in your body, then it can make you feel fatigued. At times, you may feel depressed or suffer from anxiety disorders. Your mood keeps changing now and then. Owing to chronic pain, you may not get sound sleep at night.

Acute pain may come and go, as it does not last for a longer period. Pain is reckoned to be chronic if it lasts for a long time. If you have pain in your body that lasts for more than three months, then your healthcare provider will prescribe you medications for chronic pain issues. Your healthcare practitioner will try to know the precise cause of your pain.

Your healthcare practitioner will also try to know how intense your pain is and how badly it affects your daily life. It is necessary to ease your pain so you have to use pills from the Pillsforcare site.

Reasons For Pain That Lasts For Long 

When your pain lasts for more than six months, then you should know that you have a chronic pain issue which can be in your nerves, bones, joints, muscles, or any parts of your body. In some cases, it has been noticed that chronic pain lasts for many years.

Chronic pain could take pain in your body due to infections, diseases, or injuries. After the injuries go away, you may still experience the pain. Environmental factors or psychological factors may aggravate the pain.

Chronic pain or also known as intractable pain affects a large percentage of people across the globe. When you have pain that lasts for a long time, then the pain will hamper your work and other activities. If you have arthritis, nerve issues, back injuries, cancers, lupus, or neurological disorders, then you may suffer from long-lasting pain which will not go away easily. Let us know why some pain lasts for a long in the following lines.


If you have injuries in any organs of your body, then it can lead to chronic pain. Certain injuries may likely occur in your muscles or back which can make you suffer from pain for many weeks or months. If you had an initial injury and you did not care to treat it, then the pain can go on for many months. If you have pulled a muscle or you have sprained your back, then you may suffer from pain in the affected area for many months.

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Nerve Damage:

At times, older people complain about nerve damage issues. Healthcare providers believe that when nerves get damaged, then you go through chronic pain. Nerve damage can occur due to many reasons. One of the prominent reasons for nerve damage is high blood sugar. Diabetes patients often complain about nerve damage problems. When there is damage in the nerves, then it worsens the pain and you experience pain in the nerves for many months. Treating nerve damage as early as possible can give you relief from nerve pain and you do not have to resort to Pain O Soma 500


If you had surgery on your joints many years ago, then your past surgery can make the pain in the affected joints worse. Surgeries in the past can make you suffer from pain for many years.

Untreated Injuries:

If you had an injury in your muscles and you did not care to treat it, then the untreated injuries can aggravate the pain. You are likely to experience more pain in an affected area that has not been treated. Untreated injuries can give you painful experiences in the affected area which can last for many months or years.

Mental Health Issues:

As per many research studies, you experience long-lasting pain when you are depressed. Feeling depressed can make your pain worse and you may experience pain for a long time. You should seek medical attention to treat depression so that you do not have to suffer from long-lasting pain and you do not have to take Pain O Soma 350.

Prolonged Stress:

Keeping stress away from your life can help reduce the pain that lasts for a long. The more you stress, the more you feel pain. Research studies have proved that prolonged stress can increase your pain. Ditch stress away from your life as much as possible. Manage stress with yoga or meditation.


Easing off pain in your body is essential to do your daily chores with ease. Keep stress away, keep your mind happy at all times and get your injuries treated at the earliest to resolve pain quickly.