Extra Super P Force

Published on: March 7, 2024
Last Updated on March 7, 2024
Extra Super P Force

What Is Extra Super P Force?

Extra Super P Force is the ideal medicine recommended for you provided you have two specific sexual health issues. The idea behind using this medicine is to get a form of complete sexual satisfaction that occurs after the medicinal effects kick in. The main use of the Extra super p force pills lies behind providing a strict and firm erection while also delaying your ejaculation.

The contents of the Extra Super P force pills make them unique somewhat because of the presence of a dual substance that works in tandem to bring out a strong and hard erection.

But remember that since this is a prescription use medicine you will need approval which is only possible if the doctors analyze and diagnose you with both erection disorder known as erectile dysfunction and early ejaculatory symptoms which is known as premature ejaculation.

When you are using the medicine beware of the dose to take in each day as misuse or more specifically its excessive use is what may lead you to have side effects.


Sunrise Remedies is an India drug manufacturing firm based in India that has made the formulation for such a medicine. Of course, the patented formula of the company means that it currently holds the exclusive rights for manufacturing the Extra Super p force tablets in India and also holds its distribution rights.

How Do Extra Super P Force Tablets Work?

Now, so far you have only come to know that the Extra Super P Force pills can help in curing the issues of erectile disorder and premature ejaculation, But do you have any idea how the medicines would work?

Well, to know about this you will have to know about the composition of the pills. There is one generic ingredient of the pills that goes by the name of Sildenafil which makes the PDE-5 hormonal effect disappear and then causes the nitric oxide to be effective. Under this latter change it is possible to achieve more blood flow through the penis tissues that make it more sensitive eventually being able to have a strong and hard erection.

The other generic ingredient of the pills is dapoxetine which is the element to recover males from early ejaculatory problems. Its action caused in the brain cells allows more serotonin secretion that will allow you to enjoy your sex and thus delay it effectively.

What is Extra Super P Force Used For?

As we have told you above, there is not just one but a two-way use for the Extra super p force 100/200 mg pills. This is such a unique medicine that with just a single medicine you can achieve both a desirous strong and hard erection while also delaying your sex long enough to relive later on and achieve complete sexual satisfaction.

But remember that for usage it is only held as a temporary relief treatment. The purpose behind the use of the Extra super p force pills is not to cure either of the disorders permanently. But its goal is to provide an instant effect to enjoy having sex.

Even then there are several specific usage terms that the patient has to follow when using the Extra super p force pills. Remember that only a certain population of males suffering from sexual disorders can use the Extra Super P Force pills. As we told you above, it is only effective in those who have both disorders present.

Along with this, the patient has to follow some precautions and warnings as mentioned by the doctors.

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How To Use Extra Super P Force?

Using the Extra super p force pills requires a lot of care and caution concerning the amount of dose being taken and following the strict outline. For a single day, it is only safe to use this medicine only once without any further use.

The best time for using the Extra Super P Force pills would be only about an hour before sex so that you can get its maximum effects later on. During the time of administering the medicines, the patient must follow the oral swallowing method for gulping down the medicines.

How To Get Extra Super P Force Tablet?

To Buy Extra Super P Force you generally can shop online on a generic pharmacy website if you Are comfortable with buying online. It requires you to upload the prescription at first which gets verified at first and then you can proceed with the order. Or else, you may visit the local medicine store in your community for there is a wide offline distribution network for such medicines as well.

Side Effects

The range of side effects can be divided into the mild ones or the severe ones which all need to be informed to the doctors.

The mild side effects of the medicine include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, and so on.

Rare issues include chest pain, a sudden rise in blood pressure, severe vision blurring, priapism, and so on.

Warnings and Precautions

All patients have to be highly cautious of the use of Extra super p force in excess and avoid it. if you are also on the use of other existing medicines let it get verified from the doctors whether there is any further chance of interaction with the Extra super p force pills.

Most side effects according to Extra super p force reviews occur due to such medicines interacting with one another.

It is also unsafe to drive a car along with the use of addictive substances such as cocaine or alcohol after taking this medicine.

Storage Method

The ideal way for storing the Extra super p force pills would be to store them in a cool place that would have much less humidity and heat. Along with this, you must ensure that the medicines are never in the reach of your children. Even after using them, you must ensure proper precautions to dispose of the empty medicine sachets.