Malegra DXT Plus

Published on: February 26, 2024
Last Updated on February 26, 2024
Malegra DXT Plus

What is Malegra DXT Plus?

Malegra DXT Plus is a medicine that is for the recovery of two male sexual issues that have been a consistent threat in males these last few years. The medicine Malegra DXT Plus pills have a dual purpose use where it can help you cure the problems that come up when you are dealing with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

To serve this purpose the medicines contain not one but a specific composition of two generic elements in them namely Sildenafil and Duloxetine within them. These two ingredients are pivotal as we shall see below in curing both disorders.

Patients who are having the symptoms of both sexual issues can visit a doctor urgently knowing whether their health and the time is right to use such a medicine. After having been recommended by the doctor and buying the medicine the patient will need to follow a set of precaution and guideline measures as we have mentioned below in this article to prevent any major form of side effects.


Malegra DXT Plus is a generic brand of medicines that is manufactured in India by one of the country’s largest drug manufacturing and research firms, Sunrise Remedies. This brand has all the set of right things in it such as the company’s approval for manufacturing such a medicine, and even the list of components inside the pills that have both the substances being approved from the FDA.

How Do Malegra DXT Plus Tablets Work?

Since there are two specific disorders that the Malegra DXT Plus pills can cure we have to look at the working mechanism of both the ingredients separately and how they would work to cure either of the disorders.

For one there is Sildenafil inside the medicines which is a cure for ED issues. This generic element causes the blood flow to rise through the penis tissues under the actions of vasodilation which is caused by the effects of nitric oxide. Initially, the medicine also inhibits the working of the PDE-5 hormones. The fast-moving blood would increase the sensitivity of the penis region such that you can get a strong and hard erection.

The other component of the medicine is Duloxetine which would increase the amount of serotonin hormone through the brain cells to provide more flexibility to a person to free up from any stress and anxiety issues and be able to focus on sex specifically and thus control ejaculation better.

What is Malegra DXT Plus Used For?

As we have told you above, the purpose of using the Malegra DXT Plus pills is to cure the problems of two sexual health issues in males. One is erectile dysfunction which hampers the ability to achieve firmness in erections.

This sexual disorder may occur in males due to any injuries to the region, or even any existing physical and mental health disorders. The other sexual issue that the pills can cure includes premature ejaculation which is generally seen in older and aged males although there is no such specific evidence. It is possible that if you are suffering from mental health issues you have seen the symptoms already.

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How To Use Malegra DXT Plus?

Using the Malegra DXT Plus tablet has to be done exactly as the doctors inform you to. Remember that with the use of a combined dose medicine, you will have to strictly follow a specific dose, and each time you will need to follow a set of precaution measures.

The right method for intake is to swallow the medicine without the use of contraindicating substances such as grape juice or alcohol. Use of only a single medicine is however recommended to any patient who is dealing with sexual problems. Abide by the terms that the doctors mention too.

How To Get Malegra DXT Plus Tablet?

To get the Malegra DXT Plus pills there are entities that you can look at both online and offline. On the online mode, there is the availability of online pharmacies these days that would provide home delivery at good offers and discounts. Or else there are even online distributors who would provide medicines to retail individuals directly if you order large volumes of the medicine.

In the offline mode, there is a large distribution network through wholesalers and local pharmacy stores across the country.

Side Effects

There is a wide range of side effects that may occur with the use of the Malegra DXT Plus pills. One is the list of minor side effects that occur with a mild overdose or sometimes with adjusting to the action of the pills which takes only a few days.

These mild side effect issues include headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, and so on.

Rarely does anyone have the severe side effects of the medicine? But if such instances ever occur then you may have to stop using the pills to get a consultation from the doctors. Such side effects include chest pain, fall in blood pressure, priapism, lower libido, and vision blurring.

Warnings and Precautions

The patient who is already using Malegra DXT Plus pills would need to comply with a set of precautionary measures and rules. You will need to avoid misusing or specifically overusing the dose. use of substances that are addictive is not suitable at all since these would provoke side effects such as headache, dizziness, and nausea.

Other than that, patients will also need to be wary of using other medicines specifically the ones which are possible of having contraindications with the Malegra DXT Plus pills. Remember that your health issues are also a possibility as to why major side effects are occurring. Generally, it is not safe for patients who have any major heart disorders or instances of cardiac arrest or stroke and even those with high blood pressure to use the Malegra DXT Plus pills.

Storage Method

The storage for the Malegra DXT Plus pills is to be done in a place that is low in humidity and where the temperature would also be less than 30 degrees throughout the entire day. Do not store directly under the sun exposure. Also, remember to store the pills away from children at home.