Malegra Gold 100 Mg

Published on: February 20, 2024
Last Updated on February 26, 2024
Malegra Gold 100 Mg

What is Malegra Gold 100 Mg?

Malegra Gold 100 Mg is a pill and at its core is the presence of a substance known as Sildenafil that allows you to erect strong and hard. With only this information you must be tempted right now to use the pills and experiment with their benefits.

However, it is strictly recommended to use the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills only in those males who have a specific sexual disorder known as erectile dysfunction. Having this sexual health issue you are bound to fail in getting your penis to hard and strong as you will need while penetrating the vagina. And this is where the use of the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills arises.

Talk with the doctors, and undergo the right diagnosis before beginning to use the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills constantly. Also, remember to follow the dose as the doctors instruct you as without this you run the risk of having several side effects on your health.


Malegra is a generic brand of ED curing medicines whose manufacturer is based in India known as Sunrise Remedies. This pharmaceutical company owns the right to formulate generic medicine in its approved and designated drug manufacturing facilities in India.

Sunrise Remedies has other generic branded medicines too within the ED curing space. But when you consider generic Sildenafil, Malegra Gold 100 Mg is one of the highest-selling pills for the firm not just around India but also in some other countries of the world.

How Do Malegra Gold 100 Mg Tablets Work?

So, now let us know exactly how the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills would work to let you achieve a strong and hard erection.

See, it is all possible thanks to the effects of Sildenafil that take over once you complete intake for the pills.

Sildenafil allows the PDE-5 hormones in your body to shut off while it is in effect causing another subsequent hormonal change which is the arousal of the cGMP hormones.

Eventually, the cGMP hormones would also bring in nitric oxide to a fully effective state and this makes the dilation effects possible. Through this change, it is possible to get a much higher blood flow through the penis tissues which allows much more sensitivity to the region.

And thus when you stimulate the area to get a strong and hard erection you overcome the barriers of ED.

What is Malegra Gold 100 Mg Used For?

The purpose of using a generic Sildenafil medicine is only to help gain a cure for the issues of ED.

Malegra Gold 100 Mg and its reason for ED is viable only for those who face ED issues each time when being romantic on the bed. But there is something that you need to note here. Remember that each intake of such a medicine also comes up with a certain time of activation. Within this activated time, it is possible to get a hard erection but not beyond. So use this medicine carefully to get a strong and hard erection and get a few hours of temporary benefits.

Other Dosage:

How To Use Malegra Gold 100 Mg?

The usage terms of the Malegra Gold 100 Mg tablet are generally set out by the doctors depending on how you can adjust with its dose. Generally, the doctors recommend the use of the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills daily but are subject to using the medicine only once throughout the day.

Also, remember that your dose may be subject to change if you are not getting a strong and hard erection or else you are getting the side effects.

How To Get Malegra Gold 100 Mg Tablet?

To get the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills you can opt for either of the two options that you are comfortable with. One is to buy the medicines online from any generic website. Or else you can also opt to buy the medicines offline mode through purchasing the pills from local medicine shops in your community. Look for the offers on both these sales channels before finalizing the one you are comfortable with and offers a lucrative deal.

Side Effects

Often the side effects of the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pill would range from the mildest issues such as getting only a headache or dizziness to nausea. Other than this, you can also have slight dryness in your mouth, have diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, and tremors as associated side effects.

Other than this, it is also possible to have a slightly severe sort of side effects. Some of these issues include chest pain, high blood pressure, priapism, lower libido, and so on.

Warnings and Precautions

You will have to follow some standard instructions for safety throughout your tenure on using Malegra Gold 100 Mg. Remember that the use of the Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills is not suitable with certain other medicines that contradict its mode of action and presence. Talk with the doctors when you are already on the use of other medicines.

Also, the use of Malegra Gold 100 Mg pills with alcohol can deliver a severe blow to your health as you can have regular side effects. A similar type of fluid substance grape juice would also need to be avoided.

Remember to talk about your health issues that are occurring even if it is a minor one. For those patients who have a general tendency of dealing with side effects such as headache, dizziness, and nausea it is never recommended to drive immediately once you have the regular medicine each day.

Storage Method

The idea behind storing the pills in the right conditions is to get suitable actions. Without the right subset of temperature and low humidity conditions in place, the pills will lose some of their benefits.

Remember that you have to critically ensure storing the pills only in a low humid environment and also where the exposure to sunlight would be minimal or nil. Other than this you will also need to ensure storing the pills in such a place that is never within the reach of children.