Malegra Gold 50 Mg

Published on: February 26, 2024
Last Updated on February 26, 2024

What is Malegra Gold 50 Mg?

Malegra Gold 50 Mg is a medicine that helps in the potential gaining of a strong and hard erection when you have the symptoms of impotence inside you. By using this medicine you will be able to recover from the worries of erectile dysfunction. Have you ever been facing difficulties when trying to have a strong and hard erection?

Well, to get rid of this issue there could be many generic brands in the market but one of the most proven ones has been Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills. Such a medicine will have a content of Sildenafil inside it that can bring forth erectile hardness. With the use of this medicine, patients can gain an instant solution to getting a strong and hard erection.

Remember that since this is a prescription medicine it is important to get approval from the doctors to be able to safely get the dosage recommendation and know about the safety measures to use this medicine as we have explained later on in the article.


Sunrise Remedies is the brand manufacturer. The company hails the entire responsibility for drug manufacturing from the generic Sildenafil compound put its branding and label and being able to sell it not just in its homeland of India but even rest of the world.

Sunrise Remedies has seen a general rise in the amount of usage and acceptance among customers for using the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills.

How Do Malegra Gold 50 Mg Tablets Work?

Now, at first, you need to have the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills to let its actions begin. After the intake, there is absorption in the stomach during which the generic component of Sildenafil will begin mixing with blood and eventually, it allows the later changes to occur.

The first thing that Sildenafil would do is to cut down the presence of the PDE-5 hormones in your blood a change that relates to the secretion of the cGMP hormones later on. Eventually, this cGMP hormone would also be responsible for the secretion of nitric oxide which allows the vasodilation process to kick in.

Eventually on vasodilation the penis arteries would achieve dilation and thus it allows more blood to flow easily through the penis tissues. this high-flowing blood also makes the entire penis region too much sensitive and eventually on stimulating the penis you would get a strong and hard erection.

What is Malegra Gold 50 Mg Used For?

The purpose of using the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills is only for a single health issue that occurs in males and is related to their sexual capabilities and is known as erectile dysfunction. But having this issue men would have a hard time achieving a strong erection. In some males, it is possible that they would also lose the erection much sooner.

Such a sort of disorder may arise due to both physical and mental issues. Some of the physical disorders that relate to having ED include heart disorders, arterial disorders, obesity, high diabetes, high cholesterol, and so on.

Even mental health issues such as severe depression, stress, or anxiety would be causing the problem.

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How To Use Malegra Gold 50 Mg?

Getting to know about the use of the Malegra Gold 50 mg tablet is extremely important. Many times it is seen that the patients would become too tempted to use the pills to have sex but this could result in an overdose. Since you don’t have any basic idea about how much dose to use or how to take the pills we recommend taking the entire recommendation from the doctors.

Most often the doctors would recommend using the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills for only once throughout the entire day. Along with this, they may recommend to intake of the pill only through the swallowing method.

How To Get Malegra Gold 50 Mg Tablet?

If you ever wish to buy the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills then you have online and offline sales channels open to you. In the online mode, you have the availability of online websites, or else you may also approach an online wholesaler. In the offline mode, the means to purchase Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills include buying them from the local shops or manually approaching a wholesaler for purchase in bulk quantities.

Side Effects

There is a range of side effects that may occur using the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills. Some of the side effects of the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills could only be mild ones such as having a headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, palpitations, nervousness, dry mouth, and so on.

But other than this things can also tend to be severe which include chest pain, fall in blood pressure, priapism, and lower libido.

Warnings and Precautions

Remember that you will have to follow some basic guidelines given by the doctors which tend to reduce the chances of having a major side effect. Some of the basic warning measures from the doctors include avoidance of to use of alcohol or narcotic substances such as cocaine entirely.

Further on they would instruct you to avoid driving or avoid any focus-intensive tasks since there is also a probability of having slight headache, and nausea issues in the initial days of using the medicine.

Other than this, you will have to be watchful of any side effects and report them to the doctors as soon as they happen.

Be careful that this medicine is not for use in females at all as it can only help in curing male sexual disorders. Even then in males, it is only good for use in those males having ED but those who belong within an 18 to 64 year age category.

Storage Method

Storage for the Malegra Gold 50 Mg pills needs a somewhat cooler environment with less exposure to direct sunlight and temperatures lower than 30 degrees Celsius.  We ideally recommend choosing your place of storage carefully so that your children would not be able to access it.