Vidalista 80 Mg

Published on: January 22, 2024
Last Updated on March 7, 2024
Vidalista 80 Mg

What is Vidalista 80 mg?

Not getting a firm erection for many days leaves men worried. When erection does not happen during sexual intercourse, it is referred to as an impotence issue. Impotence is a sexual dysfunction, which makes men incapable of getting and keeping an erection. If you want to have enjoyable lovemaking sessions, you need to have a firm penis.

Going through an erection issue can be due to various reasons. If you are already suffering from a health issue, you may develop ED. It is necessary to treat the underlying health issue to keep ED away. High blood pressure or diabetes can cause ED. On the other hand, high cholesterol or heart disease can also cause ED. Treating an underlying health condition is important to get rid of impotence.

When you suffer from impotence for many weeks, talk to your medical professional. Your doctor will suggest you take Vidalista 80 mg. It is an ED drug, which belongs to the PDE5 inhibiting family. Tadalafil is the prime constituent of this impotence medicine. When you take this ED medicine, you can expect a sustained and erect penis. Having this impotence medication properly can decrease the risk of ED.


The manufacturer of Vidalista 80 mg is Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. It is one of the most established manufacturing companies in India. The manufacturer is known for selling top-quality medicines, which include ED drugs. Expect a wide variety of ED drugs from this manufacturer. All medications from this manufacturing company are certified and authentic. Users can use any drugs of this manufacturing company with ease. Using ED drugs from a licensed manufacturer will not harm your health.

How Do Vidalista 80 mg tablets Work

Vidalista 80 mg belongs to the group of the PDE5 inhibitor family. Tadalafil is the main compound, which comes into effect as soon as you take it. The compound makes the arteries and blood vessels of the genital organ relaxed. When the penile arteries and penile blood vessels are unclogged, blood starts to increase in the sex organ. The improved blood flow in the genital organ helps men achieve a hard erection. Another role of Tadalafil is to relax the penile tissues, which increase the blood supply all over the genital organ. Sufficient blood supply in the penile area will help men attain and sustain an erection for a long time.

What is Vidalista 80 mg Used For

The major role of Vidalista 80 is to get harder erections. When men do not get a firm erection in the penis, get in touch with a healthcare professional. When you have a stiff erection for a long time, you can enjoy a better sex life. Not having an erection for a long time can stay away you from lovemaking sessions. When you take this ED drug on time, you will get a stiff erection during sexual intimacy. Another use of this drug is to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

Other Dosage

How to Use Vidalista 80 mg

Using Vidalista 80 mg is quite easy for ED patients. You need to gulp down a whole pill without crushing or biting it. The entire pill of Vidalista needs to be taken orally with water. Ingest this impotence medication on an unoccupied stomach or after having your meal. Most importantly, it is necessary to have this impotence medication one hour before having sex. Keep in mind to take the ED drug once a day and at a specified time. When you have this ED pill at a fixed time, you can get an erection quickly.

ED patients may come across various dosages of Vidalista. Several dosages of this impotence drug can be available in the online and offline pharmacies. Your doctor will prescribe you a dose only after checking your sexual health. It is necessary to have the dose of the ED drug as it is instructed to you.

In case you have not used a pill in a day, take the missed dose when you recall next. Taking two doses in a day can be harmful for your health. If the missed dose is close to your next dose, skip taking the missed dose.

If you have taken an additional dose in a day, report to your medical professional. Repeating two doses at a time may lead to serious health issues. It is possible to experience some severe side effects for overdosing on a pill.

How to Get Vidalista 80 mg Tablet

Getting Vidalista 80is not a difficult task. These days, you can get ED drugs right from an online pharmacy. You do not have to depend on the offline drugstores anymore when you have online pharmacies at your fingertips. Order your impotence medicine from a trusted and licensed online pharmacy. Wait for a few minutes and your ordered drugs will be delivered at your destination.

Side Effects

Men who go through impotence problems also develop some side effects. Some common side effects, which ED patients’ experience, are vomiting, headache, rashes, itching, painful erections, or lower libido. Some ED patients also complain about having priapism, nausea, dizziness, stomach cramps, diarrhea, or blurred vision. Some impotent patients also have trouble in breathing and a pale face. If you go through any of the side effects, tell your doctor who knows how to fix them.

Warnings and Precautions


  • Do not have an additional pill of Vidalista, which can show side effects. Comply with the dose provided by your healthcare provider.
  • Avoid having contracting substances that affect your health.
  • Keep alcohol away when you have Vidalista 80mg. Taking this ED drug with alcohol can give you dizzy spells.
  • If you get allergies after taking this ED pill, stop consuming it.
  • Patients with liver and kidney problems are not allowed to use this impotence medication.


  • Do not take blood thinner pills after consuming this ED drug.
  • Avoid taking this impotence medication after consuming a blood pressure medicine.
  • Do not use nitrates when you take this erectile dysfunction medicine.
  • Adolescents and women should not take ED medicines.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers need to stay away from these ED pills.

Storage Method

Store the Vidalista 80 mg in a low humid environment. Keeping the ED drug in the optimum temperature is necessary. Keep the impotence pills in a place where children and pets cannot come in contact.