Fildena 120 Mg

Published on: January 22, 2024
Last Updated on February 19, 2024
Fildena 120 Mg

What is Fildena 120 mg?

Most men struggle with erection issues, as they grow older. Men who are above 65 years of age fail to get and keep a hard penis during sex. When men are unable to keep and achieve a stiff erection, they cannot make love. Erection is necessary for making love with a female partner. One of the causes of marital problems is unsatisfactory sex.

Many couples go through unsatisfactory relationships and the reason is unsatisfied sex. Erectile problems start when the penis does not get adequate blood. When the penis starts filling with sufficient blood, men get a firm penis. Owing to some psychological and physical health issues, erectile problems can occur.

It is essential to get an underlying health condition treated to stay away from erection issues. If impotence signs trouble you, get in touch with a healthcare professional. Your medical provider will check your health thoroughly to know the condition of your ED. As per the reports, your doctor will tell you to use Fildena 120 mg. It is a potent medicine, which gives men relief from chronic erection problems. Sildenafil improves blood circulation in the sex organ, which enables men to get an erection.


The manufacturer of the Fildena 120 mg drug is Fortune Healthcare Pvt Ltd. It is a popular manufacturing company, which offers top-quality healthcare products to customers. You can procure a wide variety of drugs along with erectile dysfunction drugs from this pharmaceutical company. As this manufacturing company makes Fildena 120, you can expect to get authentic ED drugs. This pharmaceutical company can help you give the best quality medications. Users can consume ED drugs safely, as this medicine has FDA approval. Get a wide range of medicines and impotence drugs from this recognized manufacturer.

How Do Fildena 120 mg Tablets Work?

Sildenafil is responsible for clogging the PDE5 enzymes, which result in increased cGMP levels. When the cGMP levels are increased in a man’s body, blood starts to circulate all over the genital organ. The component unwinds the blood vessels of the genital organ. The component also relaxes the penile tissues and muscles. When the penile tissues, muscles, and blood vessels are relaxed, blood starts to increase in the penis. The increased blood flow in the genital organ will make the penis erect. It is important to intake a pill of Fildena 120 as your doctor instructs you.

What is Fildena 120 mg Used For

Sildenafil is the active salt of Fildena 120 mg. When you have this impotence pill, the component will start to work in a man’s body. Having the medicine on time will help you get a quick erection. The component will enhance the supply of blood in the erectile region. When the penis is loaded with blood, you will get a stiff penis instantly. Aside from treating erectile dysfunction, this medicine can also treat pulmonary arterial hypertension in men.

Other Dosage

How to Use Fildena 120 mg

Take the impotence pill of Fildena 120 with a glass of water. It is important to gulp down a whole tablet of this ED drug without crushing or biting a pill. Swallow down an entire ED pill with water to incense the efficacy of the pills. Have this impotence drug when your stomach is empty or after you have meals. Take a pill of this brand 30 or 60 minutes before sexual activity. Taking this erectile dysfunction pill at a fixed time will help you a lot. It is also necessary to have this impotence drug once each day.

Various dosages of Fildena can be seen in online pharmacies. Fildena is a prescription drug, which treats impotence problems effectively in ED patients. Your medical provider will tell you how to use the dosage. Your medical provider will decide on a particular dose after diagnosing your sexual condition. Consume the appropriate dose as it is prescribed to you. Avoid consuming more than one pill at a time, which can lead to serious health complications. Some serious side effects may also crop up if you take this ED drug properly. In case you have not taken the skipped dose, notify your medical provider. There is a risk of suffering from serious health complications if you overdose on a pill of Fildena 120.

How to Get Fildena 120 mg Tablet

Get Fildena 120 mg drug from a recognized online drugstore. When you buy healthcare drugs online, get the medicines from a licensed online pharmacy. When you buy drugs from an online drugstore, it helps you order and get your medicines quickly. Without walking all the way to a local pharmacy, get your desired ED drug right from your comfort place. You can order the ED medications right from your home or on the go. The impotence drug you buy from a renowned online drugstore will not cost you much. Click on the ED drug from a licensed online pharmacy and order the medication right away online. Get your ordered ED drug at your destination at affordable rates.

Side Effects

Men who take Fildena 120 complain about having side effects. Some common side effects include indigestion, headache, urinary tract infection, flushing, or blurred vision. Other side effects include respiratory tract disorder, loss of hearing, dizziness, buzzing in the ears, or lightheadedness. Some impotent patients also complain about having palpitations, nasal congestion, and prolonged erection. If a side effect aggravates, talk to your healthcare provider.

Warnings and Precautions


  • If you suffer from leukemia or sickle cell anemia, stop using Fildena 120mg.
  • If you notice blindness in one of your eyes, do not continue this ED drug.
  • If you go through kidney disease, cardiac issues, or liver disease, this impotence drug is not for you.
  • High-fat meals are not allowed with this impotence drug.


  • If you get allergic reactions, stop using Fildena 120 mg.
  • Do not drink alcohol when you take this impotence medicine, which can give you dizzy spells.
  • Do not consume grapefruit juice while taking this ED drug, which can be harmful to your health.
  • Teenage boys and female adults are not recommended to ED male patients.
  • Operating a machine or going on a drive after having this ED pill can lead to focus issues.

Storage Method

Store Fildena 120 mg medicine in a place where there is darkness. Keep the medicine in a place where your kids cannot reach. The medication needs to be kept in a place where there is no humidity or moisture.