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Overview of Caverta 100

  • Caverta 100 mg is a drug that is no less than a miracle for men. This is because it treats one of the most troubling disorders of men, Erectile Dysfunction ED.
  • It is a disappointing situation as men become incapable of getting a hard penis. This results in poor sex life and dissatisfaction and frustration between partners.
  • But no more dissatisfaction because this is there to help men get out of ED.

What Is this Tablet?

  • Caverta 100mg chemically is a PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor.
  • This means it reduces the impact of PDE5 to cure ED. Why this is needed is mentioned later in the article.
  • Being a counter-ED drug, it provides desired erection to men by boosting the supply of blood in the penis.
  • It is a prescription-based drug hence, always take the drug as per the prescription.


  • The manufacturer behind Caverta 100 tablet is Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd. It is the largest exporter of generic drugs to the USA.
  • Currently, its products reach almost 100 countries. The company produces drugs of almost every category like antibiotics, antiseptics, anti-viral, sexual wellness, anti-depressant, anti-diabetics, etc.


  • The major ingredient in this is Sildenafil which comprises more than 90% of the total composition.
  • Doctors examine the patient to check whether he will be comfortable with Caverta 100 or not.

Working of Caverta 100

  • Buy Caverta 100 does its job of erecting the penis by supplying an adequate amount of blood into the blood vessels of the penis.
  • The drug makes sure blood finds no difficulty moving into the penile region. This is done by reducing the blood pressure, easing the stress on pelvic muscles, and excessive smoothening of erectile tissues by increasing the secretion of cGMP (cyclic guanosine monophosphate).
  • These changes ensure that the penis becomes erect as soon as stimulation occurs.
  • To sustain the erection for a long duration PDE5 is suppressed which delays the duration of ejaculation. Hence, the penis gets more to become erect.

How To Take this Tablet?

  • Caverta 100 online must be swallowed with water as it is a water-soluble drug. Avoid taking pills with alcoholic beverages, fruit juice, or any liquid other than water.
  • The tablets of it must not be chewed, broken, or disintegrated because it is not recommended by the doctors.
  • The drug can be taken before or after a meal. But avoid taking the drug after a heavy meal as it will lower the impact of the drug.

Precaution Taking Before Caverta 100

  • During the checkup for Erectile Dysfunction or ED tells the doctor about your medical history, food habits, sleep cycle, addictions, relationship issues, and so on.
  • This helps the doctor to better assess the patient’s health and prescribe the dosage accordingly.
  • Avoid the consumption of addictive elements while taking Caverta 100 as it makes the drug weak.

Benefits of Using Caverta 100

Get a hard penis

  • Caverta 100 gives men the much-desired erection that provides satisfaction in sex life. Besides providing a long-lasting erection it boosts the personality of men by improving self-confidence and self-esteem.

Dosage Of Caverta 100


  • Overdose of Caverta 100 can be life-threatening due to the possibility of fatal side effects.
  • To lessen the damage the person who has overdosed must be taken to the doctor immediately.

Other Alternative Pills:

Miss Dose

  • If someone has missed the dose of Caverta 100 then make sure you take the missed dose as soon as possible.
  • But if the next dose is less than 1 hour away then skip the missed dose and directly take the next dose. Avoid compensating for the missed dose by taking excess pills.

Avoid To Take Caverta 100

  • It must be avoided by people who are already taking some other ED pill. Taking multiple ED drugs at the same time will cause an overdose.
  • Do not take it if you are allergic to Sildenafil, the main ingredient of the drug.
  • Avoid taking it if you are suffering from heart, kidney, and liver disorders.

Side Effects of Caverta 100


  • Patients taking Caverta 100 can suffer from anxiety for a short period.
  • Do not get stressed as this is a minor side effect, it gets cured automatically without any medical support.

Painful urination

  • The drug can because painful urination, but the pain is mostly mild. If the pain gets intense report it to the doctor immediately.

Storage of Caverta 100

  • This is a drug that is easily stored at room temperature between 20oC to 35o Do not store the drug in extreme temperatures.
  • Store the drug in low to moderate humidity because high humidity makes the tablets less effective.
  • Do not keep the drug under direct sunlight.
  • Keep the drug at a dark, dry, and clean temperature.

Caverta 100 Review

  • This is one of the best pills for curing Erectile Dysfunction which is visible by the trust that doctors show in the drug.
  • The reviews of Caverta 100 on Pillsforcare also validate its effectiveness in curing ED.


  • At the end of the day understand that it is a chemical that works best under strict circumstances of strength and dosage.
  • If the favorable situations are not met the same drug can harm us. This is why it is important to stick to the prescription.


Is it approved by FDA?

This is fully approved and certified by the FDA, the drug regulating agency of the United States of America. Along with this is also certified by CDCSO, TGA, PMDA, etc.

Can we take Caverta 100 with alcohol?

One must not take Caverta 100 with any other liquid except water. Hence, alcohol is also excluded from the list. Alcohol tends to cause dizziness and lessen the impact of the drug.

Can a kidney patient take it?

A person suffering from kidney, heart, or liver disorders must avoid taking Caverta 100 due to serious side effects, even risking his life.

Is it effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction?

Whether it is good for use to cure Erectile Dysfunction or not is shown in the tremendously positive reviews of sites like Pillsforcare. The drug is effective till one follows the prescription.

Where to buy Caverta 100 from?

There are two avenues to buy Caverta 100, first is to get it from any medical store. The second is to order it from online sites like Pillsforcare.

Can I take it if suffering from depression?

The doctor examines the patient’s overall health status before prescribing the drug. Usually, doctors don’t prescribe Caverta 100 to depression patients. You must tell the doctor about any such disorder other than ED during the checkup.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd


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100 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


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