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Overview of Malegra 25 mg

  • Malegra 25 mg is a medicine that when taken will provide you with the effects of a hard penis erection. This is a medicine you will be taking to reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction or ED. It is one of the sexual disorders seen in males which can have a variety of physical and psychological disorders occurring as its core effects.
  • ED is such a type of disorder where you can only have failures in having erections. But with the Malegra 25 mg medicines now you will be getting a hard erection through the process of penis stimulation.
  • The medicines need to be taken in with care and you must not misuse the pills for this may lead to an overdose and then you will be left to rue on side effects. Remember that doctors are going to recommend you follow some precautions for the safety of using the pills.

What Is Malegra 25 mg Tablet?

  • Malegra 25 mg is a medicine that you can have only when you have ED. Further, the instruction guidelines say that the medicine is only able to help you in assisting an erection. With the use of the pills, you are going to get a dose equivalent amounting to the same 25mg dose of generic Tadalafil.
  • The assistance for you to be able to have an erection will only stay with you for a limited time that is for around 4 hours. Remember that the acting time of the pills is limited by the effective dose of Sildenafil.


  • The manufacturers of the medicine are Sunrise Remedies. Sunrise is a company that is an Indian brand name with all its pill manufacturing operations based in India.
  • The company has not only got the exclusive rights for manufacturing pills but since it has the patent rights it also owns all other rights as far as the brand management, sales, and distribution of the pills are considered.


  • The composite substance that is present in the dose of the Malegra 25 mg is an equivalent amount of dose Sildenafil.
  • Sildenafil’s PDE-5 hormone inhibition effects allow you with being able to have a penis erection. It is a medicine providing you with the potency to bring in a hard penis erection but only after about 15 to 30 minutes since it will take time to activate and undertake some of the changes.

Working of Malegra 25 mg

  • Malegra 25 mg is a medicine that curates you with around 25mg of SIldenaifl and the first change to bring in is in terms of inhibiting the secretion of the PDE-5 hormones.
  • Once the PDE-5 hormone’s actions are subsided it will be replaced by yet another hormone that is the cGMP hormone. The cGMP hormone is to bring in some necessary changes that as the secretion of nitric oxide in the blood.
  • This can bring about the last stage of penile hardness which is the dilation of the penis tissues that occurs due to a high blood flow. It is thus that you can have harder erections through the process of vasodilation.

How To Take Malegra 25 mg Tablet?

  • Malegra 25 mg represents a dose of oral intake swallowing type pills. you are to take in a pill by swallowing it entirely in one piece.
  • Make sure not to crush or chew the pills. Using water as a fluid substance to take in the pills is only recommendable and not alcohol or grape juice.
  • Since both of these fluid substances are highly contraindicating you may end up having severe side effects immediately post intake of the pills.

Precaution Taking Before Malegra 25 mg

  • Malegra 25 mg is a dose that you can have only after the recommendation of the doctor.
  • Sildenafil being a prescription substance you are to follow the instructions of the doctor even if it is a small dose.
  • On rare occasions, it has been found that a rare allergic tendency may be present in some males and when taken in the dose it may bring about side effects.

Benefits of Using Malegra 25 mg

  • Malegra 25 mg is a pretty small dose. If you are to curate the dose then you will witness about a 4 hour long active time for the pills which is long enough.
  • And because the dose is the lowest that you can have adaptability is very high and even the chances of severe side effects are pretty low.

Dosage Of Malegra 25 mg

  • Malegra 25 mg has an equivalent that is 25mg of Sildenafil. It is the smallest dose with other doses that can go as far as 200mg with a single medication.
  • The dose for Malegra 25 mg is to be taken only once per day and no more than this.


  • There is a slight chance of overdose mainly in patients who have an allergic tendency to the generic substance Sildenafil. Such a case is hard to occur but not entirely nil.

Other Alternative Meds:

Miss Dose

  • Do not miss taking your doses on time. Avoid taking a missed dose of the drug and it may bring about a lot of problems for you to have a hard erection.

Avoid To Take Malegra 25 mg

  • Malegra 25 mg can be avoided by any patient if they have some severe side effects. On the other hand, a small dose such as Malegra 25 mg can also be restricted by the doctors if they have any indication of the patient is allergic to the substance Sildenafil.

Side Effects of Malegra 25 mg

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Chest pain
  • Fall in blood pressure
  • Lower libido
  • Priapism

Storage of Malegra 25 mg

  • Storing your pills of Malegra 25 mg is best done when you store them only under a normal room temperature environment with no more than 30 degrees Celsius.
  • Remember that the humidity of the storage pills should be low too with no direct sunlight approach.

Malegra 25 mg Review

  • Malegra 25 mg has been quite an acceptable drug variety for most patients. Patients have mostly been able to decipher good effects with hard erection upbringing and sustenance power.


  • Malegra 25 mg is a medicine that can bring up a hard erection. it is a dose to crop up a temporary solution for you to be able to reduce your ED problems.


Where can I buy it?

To buy is a matter of choice for customers. Whether it is any online repute seller or the medicine shop in your vicinity, both options are available.

What are the other doses?

Other doses include all higher combinations. They can go up to 200mg of Sildenafil with a single dose.

What is the generic substance of Malegra 25 mg?

Malegra 25 mg has the PDE-5 hormone inhibiting ingredient that is Sildenafil. It can work on its own to bring in penile hardness.

Is it safe to drive a car?

Driving can become extremely risky and life-threatening. You must not drive a car when you are feeling symptoms of headache and dizziness.

Can a missed dose bring about withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawing to take a dose is not where any negative or ill effects may occur. It is a dose that can provide you with symptoms of side effects but only when you overdose.

Can the drug be used for curing ED completely?

Malegra 25 mg is not a dose recovering you permanently from ED. take it with this instruction in your mind.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd


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25 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


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