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Overview of Silditop 100mg

  • Silditop 100mg is a drug that can cause the much-needed erection of the penis for enjoyable sex. This condition is called Erectile Dysfunction or ED in which despite getting the sexual urge men fail to achieve the intensity of penile erection.
  • Either the erection lasts for too little time or does not occur at all. Without a good erection, your relationship can suffer badly, even leading to divorce or extramarital affairs. But all this could be prevented if you take Silditop by consulting the doctor.

What Is Silditop 100mg Tablet?

  • Talking chemically Silditop 100mg belongs to the group of PDE5 (phosphodiesterase type 5) inhibitor drugs. Silditop tablet is a prescription based which means it should be taken according to the prescription. Make changes to the prescription if the doctor approves of it.
  • Silditop is a counter ED drug that reduces blood pressure while working. Hence, people suffering from low blood pressure mustn’t take the drug.


  • Silditop 100mg is made by none other than Healing Pharma Pvt Ltd. The pharmaceutical company is headquartered in Maharashtra with its operations spreading pan India.
  • The company manufacturers a wide variety of drugs such as antibiotics, anti-malaria, weight loss, antidepressants, sexual wellness, cardiac treatment, sleeping pills, etc.


  • Sildenafil is the active ingredient is Silditop 100mg. Sildenafil occupies more than 90% of the total composition, the rest components are preservatives and catalysts that complement the work of Sildenafil.
  • Doctors carefully examine the person, his medical history, sleep cycle, current health issues, and such parameters before prescribing a certain composition.

Working of Silditop 100mg

  • Silditop 100mg works to cause enhanced penile erection by supplying excess blood pressure in the penis. During ED this blood flow into the penis is halted due to various reasons like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, or even injuries.
  • Silditop reinitiates the blood flow in the penile region by smoothening erectile tissues, reducing blood pressure, and reducing contractions in pelvic muscles.

How To Take Silditop 100mg Tablet?

  • Silditop 100mg should be taken in strength and dosage as per the prescription. Taking excess or less dosage may not produce the desired erection.
  • Silditop is a water-soluble swallowing tablet. Hence, do not break or chew the tablet swallow the drug as a whole.
  • The drug should not be consumed with any alcoholic beverage or acidic fruit juice, water is the only drink to be used.

Precaution Taking Before Silditop 100mg

  • Purchase the drug from trusted sources, especially in the case of online sites because many of them turn out to be fake. Such websites fool customers by offering extremely low prices.
  • If you are taking any drug currently for some other disorder, let the doctor know about it.
  • Don’t drink or smoke before taking Silditop. This may reduce the reactivity of the drug which ultimately will lower its efficacy.

Benefits of Using Silditop 100mg

Relief from Erectile Dysfunction

  • Silditop 100mg if consumed as per the instructions provided in the prescription and the label of the drug provides erection for 4 to 5 hours. Men who encounter dissatisfied sex life due to poor erection can use Silditop to fully satisfy their wife or girlfriend.



  • Not only Silditop 100mg but no other drug should be taken in excess dose or overdose. In the case of Silditop overdose results in extreme results such as prolonged erection, painful erection, too much low blood pressure, lack of thinking capability, numbness, or even fainting. The person should be rushed to the doctor immediately in case of overdose. You can also use Silditop 50mg and Silditop Soft 100mg.

Miss Dose

  • Those who have missed a dose of Silditop 100mg should immediately take the missed dose. But if less than 1 hour is left for the next dose, skip the current dose and wait to take the next dose. But make sure you don’t take excess tablets at the next dose as compensation for the missed dose as it will lead to an overdose scenario.

Avoid To Take Silditop 100mg

  • Silditop 100mg must be avoided by people who are taking the drug some other ED pill currently. Use any one ED pill at a time, follow the decision of the doctor in such a case.
  • Avoid Silditop if you have not been prescribed by the doctor to take it. Don’t take the drug for fun, as it can seriously harm the patient.

Side Effects


  • People experience minor side effects like itching, inflammation, and headache. These side effects don’t need medical attention as they go away within one or two days.


  • Silditop 100mg can increase stress levels. This also is a minor side effect, take rest and reduce the workload to get some relief.


  • It must be stored in temperatures between 15oC to 45oC (moderate or room temperature).
  • It should be kept away from places of direct sunlight. Sunlight is form energy itself that can react with the tablets.
  • Store Silditop in low to moderate humidity as too much moisture dampens the drug.


  • Silditop 100mg can be reviewed on multiple pharmaceutical websites. But not every website is trustworthy, many of them post fraudulent reviews to gather web traffic. Hence, from the quest of trusted websites, Pillsforcare comes as the best. Its reviews and comments are verified.


  • Silditop 100mg must only be used by people who have the approval of the doctor to take the drug. If you try to go against the prescription understand that it may risk your life. The drug has to be taken in certain strength and dosage which is given in prescription to get full benefits.


Is Silditop 100mg approved by agencies?

This is one of the very few drugs that are sold in more than 30 countries and thus, approved for use and sale by FDA, CDCSO, PMDA, TGA, etc.

Can we take Silditop 100mg with alcohol?

Using Silditop 100mg with alcohol is not at all a healthy combination. It leads to low effectiveness of the drug which will produce a partial erection.

Can a heart patient take Silditop 100mg?

Heart, liver, and kidney patients must not take Silditop as their problem is very severe. The small mistake might end up risking their lives, hence such people should avoid taking it.

Is Silditop 100mg effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction?

This is cent percent effective in curing Erectile Dysfunction and the reviews of the drug on Pills4usa validate the point. Remember the drug is effective till you follow the precautions on the label.

Where to buy Silditop 100mg from?

An ED patient has two options for buying Silditop 100mg, one is to get the drug directly from the nearby medical store. Another step is to place your order on online sites like Pillsforcare which ensures super-efficient delivery.

Can I take Silditop 100mg if suffering from insomnia?

During Silditop 100mg and it is working duration, your sleep cycle may get slightly damaged. Hence, if you are already suffering from insomnia then avoid Silditop and prevent patchy sleep.

Active Ingredient (Generic Name):

Sildenafil Citrate


Healing Pharma, India


10 tablets in 1 strip


100 Mg

Delivery Time:

6 To 15 days


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