Simple Trick To Cure ED

Published on: March 5, 2022
Last Updated on May 14, 2024
Simple Trick To Cure ED

Erectile Dysfunction in short ED is undoubtedly one of the biggest troubles of adult men today. The threat of becoming an Erectile Dysfunction patient is spreading to men below 30 years. Earlier most Erectile Dysfunction patients belonged to more than 50 age groups.

But the lack of commitment towards health has decreased as we have modernized. This has resulted in an increase in cases of Erectile Dysfunction with each passing year.

This increased sales of counter Erectile Dysfunction pills that assure long-lasting erection.

Taking pills regularly for a good erection is not a good option because it will have side effects, if not instantly then surely over some time.

So, we need to find some other ways to cure Erectile Dysfunction. Let’s talk about such tricks to overcome Erectile Dysfunction and once again rock on the bed with your partner.

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You mustn’t be deprived of sleep if you want to get a hard penis. Shortage of sleep results in stress, anxiety, and mood swings which leads to a lack of sex drive.

In such a situation if you also take Cenforce 100mg, Vidalista 20mg, and Fildena 100mg, even then nothing will happen because the drug works only if the body is sexually stimulated.

Therefore, get a good rest as it will refresh your mind and body which will allow efficient blood circulation.

Instead of taking multiple naps complete all your work and get proper uninterrupted sleep. Thus, at the time of arousal, your body and mind will respond accurately and result in the desired erection.

Limit your expectations

Today due to the widespread use of the internet pornography has become mainstream. People aspire for their sexual interaction to be similar to porn. But people forget that porn is unreal, it is a staged movie that is shot for several hours in bits and pieces.

No normal person lasts for more than 15 to 20 minutes in bed in a single session whereas porn videos come in a duration of 1 or 2 hours.

The erection displayed in porn videos is also fake, the porn stars take multiple pills under the supervision of an expert to experience such a hard erection.

Both men and women build a load of expectations by seeing porn but once they do it they real-time feel that they are incapable and get depressed.

Today this is the most common issue among first-timers because they try to imitate porn. Such people take Erectile Dysfunction pills even if they aren’t suffering from it and ultimately damage their sex life.

Set the mood for ED

You may not be in the mood for sex but you can create the mood. Dim the lights and play sensual music to change your and your partner’s mood. Music has been proven scientifically to influence the mood of a person.

High-beat music incites energy in the person whereas soothing music calms the mind, reduces stress, and slows down the activity of the brain.

Provoke your wife or girlfriend to dance to a sensual song. When things go well, take sensual emotions to the next level by foreplay, and then you know how to make night useful.

Don’t fill your stomach

Most sexual activities happen at night, so you would surely have dinner. Make sure you don’t fill your stomach up to the brim. Eat light and consume less oily food at dinner. Soup, salad or boiled items are perfect.

Thus, your stomach will not be stressed and blood circulation will be evenly distributed to the organ.

With a full stomach, you may get in the mood but wouldn’t be able to enjoy orgasm because of digestion issues. If you don’t feel hungry you may even avoid dinner, don’t eat just for the sake of taking 3 meals in a day.

Masturbate before sex

This has been seen that men end up too quickly in bed if they think too much about sexual performance.

If you are doing it after a long time then in excitement you ejaculate quickly which will disappoint you and your wife. So, avoid dissatisfaction by masturbating 1 or 2 hours before going for sex.

Thus, you are now free from the excitement of doing it after a long gap. This time the semen level has also been reduced in the testes, hence, it will travel less quickly for ejaculation. So, the duration of the erection is increased which allows for more enjoyment.


The list is endless but if you follow the tricks mentioned above you will not require taking pills for erection. These tricks must not be confused with the treatment of sexual problems. Any sexual problem needs proper medical treatment under the supervision of a doctor just like any disorder.

If poor performance on the bed continues for weeks and months, go to a sexologist. Underestimating sexual problems in the initial stages may lead to something worse. Nonetheless, these tricks are tried and tested to make your night memorable.