Published on: October 10, 2023
Last Updated on February 12, 2024

What is Assurans?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual health problem that does not allow men to enjoy sexual intimacy. Men cannot get intimate with their spouse when they do not get and sustain a stiff erection. Erection problems are creating problems in a man’s sex life. Blood stops circulating in the penile area when men suffer from impotence problems.

When the blood supply is restricted in the male sex organ, men do not get and keep a firm erection. If erection problems occur frequently, men must talk to their healthcare providers.

Your medical professional will diagnose your health and will suggest you use Assurans. Most medical providers advise men to have this impotence medication. As you start taking this ED pill, you will be able to enjoy good sexual health.

It is a powerful impotence medication that treats impotence issues effectively. This impotence medicine contains Sildenafil which unwinds the blood vessels of the genital organ. When the blood vessels are unclogged, blood flow increases in the penile area. As a result, men can get quick erections when blood supply flows through the penis.


The manufacturer of Assurans is Cipla Ltd. It is a well-known manufacturer that manufactures various types of medications. You can get various types of erectile dysfunction medications from this esteemed manufacturer. All medications are certified and safe to consume.

How Do Assurans Tablets Work?

Men with impotence issues need to take Assurans drug in a proper dose. Following proper dose and duration is essential to make the drug work faster. This impotence medicine consists of Sildenafil which is the main constituent.

The imperative compound relaxes the blood vessels of a male sex organ which increases blood supply in the male genital organ. When blood fills the penis, you will get an erection instantly. You will get and maintain a stiff erection when blood fills the male sex organ.

It is necessary to take the ED drug as your doctor has instructed you. Taking the impotence pill as per a doctor’s instructions will help you get and keep a firm erection. Men need to get sexual stimulation to make the medicine work.

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What are Assurans Used For?

The use of Assurans is to provide men relief from erection problems. Men who get recurrent erection issues are advised to take Assurans. This impotence medicine is designed for men who constantly suffer from erection problems.

After taking this effective ED drug, men will experience an erection quickly. Sildenafil will improve the circulation of blood in the sex organ which helps produce an erection in no time. Another use of this drug is to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension in men.

How To Use Assurans?

Take an entire pill of Assurans with a glass of water. Instead of chewing or splitting the pill, it is necessary to consume the impotence pill in the entire form. Take this drug when your stomach is empty or after having your meal. In both ways, the impotence drug will work in your body. Take a pill of this brand an hour before you plan to engage in a sexual activity.

It is necessary to take a specific dose of the ED medicine. Your medical provider will tell you which dose of Assurans will be suitable for you. Missing out on a dose may not give you the positive results you expect. Hence, it is necessary to ingest the impotence pill at an appropriate time.

In case you have not taken a pill, take it before your fresh dose starts. It is necessary not to overdose on a pill which can lead to serious side effects. You may also complain about health complications from taking more than one pill in a day.

How To Get An Assurans Tablet?

Getting the tablets of Assurans is quite easy and comfortable for impotent patients. If you are willing to purchase a few strips of this impotence medicine, get the drugs from a reputed online pharmacy. Most men with impotence issues have switched to an online drugstore to get the medicine. Purchasing the impotence pills from an online drugstore is quite comfortable for the purchasers.

You just have to select the impotence drug you are looking for. Place an order for Assurans online. You have the leverage to purchase as many strips of Assurans as you wish from an online pharmacy. Make sure to use the drug as long as your doctor has told you.

After you place an order for your desired impotence drug, you will get the medicines right at your doorstep. You do not have to wait for a long time to get your medicines. You can be assured of getting your desired ED drugs within a few minutes. If needed, you can pay for the medicines online or after you get the drug.

Side Effects

Men with impotence issues can experience side effects after using Assurans pills. Some common side effects that most ED male patients experience are stuffy nose, indigestion, headache, dizziness, and nausea. If any of the side effects trouble you on end, give a ring to your medical provider. Your doctor knows how to fix the side effects.

Warnings and Precautions


* In case you take nitrates-based drugs, stop consuming Assurans.

* Children who are below 18 years of age should not use this impotence drug which is not designed for them.

* Stop using a pill of Assurans with alcohol which can lead to severe dizziness.

* Do not drive after consuming this impotence pill which can lead to blurred vision.

* If you are suffering from any other health disorders, notify your medical provider.


If you are allergic to the constituent, you should stop using this impotence medicine.

* If you have a stroke or heart attack, it is best not to use this impotence drug.

* If you have certain eye issues or loss of vision, stop using this impotence medicine.

* If you go through liver disorders, it would be best not to consume this impotence drug.

* Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women need to stay away from using this impotence drug.

Storage Method

Store the strips of Assurans in a dry and clean place. Keep the medicine at a suitable room temperature and away from pets and teenagers.