Fildena CT 50 Mg

Published on: February 14, 2024
Last Updated on March 7, 2024
Fildena CT 50 Mg

What is Fildena CT 50 mg? 

Fildena CT 50 Mg is an advanced form of medicine prescribed for the treatment of a sexual disorder called sexual impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED).  sexual health condition should never be overlooked, as it can get aggravated with time. If you leave sexual health problems untreated, it will start to damage other organs of your body. Having an underlying health condition is a potential sign that you have a sexual disorder.

Many men deal with impotence issues which they do not care to treat. As a result, it turns out to be more serious and it never gets treated at all. Whenever you notice a mild symptom of your sexual or physical health, get it diagnosed and treated as soon as you can.

If you are facing impotence problems frequently, get in touch with your medical provider. An experienced medical professional will help you find the best medication that will give you the lost erections.

Your medical professional will suggest Fildena CT 50 mg medicine which is a chewable tablet. The medication has Sildenafil which is the main constituent of this impotence medicine. You do not have to use water to ingest this pill. Simply, chew the tablet to make the most of the medicine.


The manufacturer of Fildena CT 50mg is Fortune Healthcare which is a renowned pharmaceutical company. It is one of the respected ED companies that provides sexual wellness drugs and other pills of ED.

Using the medicine of this pharmaceutical company will provide you with the erection you expected so far. This is a certified pharmaceutical company that vouches for only authentic ED drugs. You will not fall sick when you consume ED medicines from this well-known pharmaceutical company.

How Do Fildena CT 50 mg Tablets Work?

The active compound of Fildena CT is Sildenafil which is a PDE5 inhibitor drug that starts blood circulation in the sex organ. The component makes the erectile muscles relaxed which in turn helps the penis to get erect.

Unless the penile muscles and tissues are unwinded, blood will not circulate in the erectile area. Therefore, it is necessary to make the penis soft to get proper blood supply in the penile area. The soft muscles and tissues of the penis help men achieve the erection. Taking this medication properly and on time will make the sex organ get sufficient erections.

What is Fildena CT 50 mg Used For?

Fildena CT 50 mg pills are used to help men get relief from impotence. This impotence medicine is given to those men who fail to get erections daily. A hard penis gets restricted when blood does not remain in the sex organ. The role of Sildenafil is to provide ample flow of blood in and in the surrounding area of the erectile region.

Ample blood flow unrestricts the blood supply in the penile region. A hard erection occurs when there is a lot of blood circulation in the erectile area. When blood supplies profusely to the sex organ, the penis becomes hard. Erection problems take place when adequate amounts of blood fill the male sex organ.

Other Dosage:

How To Use Fildena CT 50 mg?

Other ED pills need to be swallowed with water. But, Fildena CT 50 pills need to be chewed, and then gulp the chewed tablets down. Having this impotence medication without or with food will help the medication work.

Chew the tablet of Fildena CT an hour before you plan to have sex. You get the optimal results when you make sure to have this impotence drug at a specified time each day. Do not make a habit of consuming this impotence medicine for many months.

It is necessary to follow the instructions when you start using the Fildena CT drug. Your doctor will give you a dose that needs to be ingested at a specified time. Doubling up a dose will make you feel sick and side effects may crop up.

Hence, every impotent patient needs to use this impotence drug as their doctors have directed them. Not having a pill in a day can affect your erectile health. If you have missed out on a dose, this medicine will not work properly. Doctors advise patients not to skip a dose which can delay impotence.

How To Get Fildena CT 50 mg Tablet?

If you cannot go to your local pharmacy to buy Fildena CT 50 drugs, you have the online pharmacies at your fingertips. Make sure to buy the impotence pills only after reading the Fildena CT 50 Review which users have posted.

Before you make up your mind to buy the strips of ED pills, ensure you have them from a reputed and certified online pharmacy. The medication you ordered will be at your mentioned location without delay. The medication from the trusted online drugstore will be safe to use, as they are 100% original.

Side Effects

Impotence patients who have Fildena CT 50 drug tell about some side effects. Light sensitivity, dizziness, burning sensation during urination, or headache are some of the side effects. Other side effects include painful urination, indigestion, diarrhea, or numbness. If you get reactive issues for a long time, notify your medical professional as soon as possible.

Warnings and Precautions


Tell your healthcare practitioner about the medicines you have been consuming and still consume.

Before having Fildena CT 50 mg medicine, inform your medical practitioner about the health issues you have.

Children who have not reached adulthood are not permitted to use the impotence pill.

Operating a machine or a vehicle while using this medication can pose a threat to your alertness.

Binging hard drinks with this impotence pill will make your head spin. You can also have severe dizziness if you have this impotence medication with alcohol.


* Avoid Ketoconazole drug when you are taking this impotence medication.

* Taking this medicine with grapefruits can cause toxic effects on your health.

* If you suffer from the disease of the retina, stop using this impotence medication.

* Kidney patients need to stay away from Fildena CT 50 pills which can impair the affected kidney.

* Impotence patients with priapism and heart disease need not use this medicine which can be more hazardous for your health.

* If you are bothered with allergies, having this erectile dysfunction medicine can be harmful.

Storage Method

Storing Fildena CT 50 in a place where heat does not reach can increase the shelf life of the ED drug. Keep the impotence medication at a suitable temperature, away from moisture, and in a neat place.