Erectile Dysfunction

ED- Understanding the complexities of this male sexual health disability

Men’s sexual health is an ever-increasing concern amongst us these days. Among the sexual health issues for men, ED seems to be one of the most concerning disorders. ED or erectile dysfunction can lead to a troubled sexual life.

Having this disability means that the male patient will become incapable of attaining a strong and hard erection on their own. A person who is suffering from ED faces the challenges of attaining a strong and sustainable erection long enough.

It is quite logical to understand that such a male sexual disability can ruin the romantic pleasures and sexual bonding in a couple. Even though sex may not be important for our survival its normal existence in our lives ensures a stress-free and happy bonding between couples. Suffering from ED issues often leads to worsening and degrading marital relationships and may even end up with a divorce between couples.

The Root Causes of ED

Now, if you have been experiencing the symptoms of ED, you may be wondering what is causing it. and in this section, we will give you an idea about the root causes of ED. How is ED triggered in the first place?

See, having erection issues could easily occur if someone sustains an injury to the penis tissues. Any form of accident or mishap may lead to the disorder easily. However according to doctors, this is only a negligible cause for ED as very few people end up with such a destiny.

Among the major reasons for ED according to doctors are the already existing health issues. Yes, the majority of the males suffering from ED end up with the disorder due to any of their existing diseases which often seem quite unreadable.

ED may occur due to both physical and psychological health issues. Among the physical health issues that may cause ED are heart disorders, obesity, high cholesterol, diabetes, nerve disorders, and so on.

It is not just any physical disability that may lead to experiencing trouble in achieving penile hardness. But even not being in the right mental health could lead to ED trouble. Men suffering from severe, anxiety, depression, and stress could also end up suffering from ED issues. And guess what, according to doctors in the recent past ED issues resulting from worsening mental health issues have been the biggest challenge to deal with.

When to approach the doctors if experiencing ED symptoms?

Do you even need the consultation of the doctors when experiencing ED trouble? Yes, of course,  because without the right treatment and diagnosis, the disorder gradually ends up being worse and could lead to severe ED issues which may be completely irreversible.

So, we recommend any male experiencing ED issues for more than a month to immediately visit the doctors. You can look for urologists, and sexual health experts in your region to gain the right guidance and diagnosis.

The initial process for diagnosis of ED

So, once you visit the doctor what is the initial step for diagnosing ED? Where does the roadmap for curing ED begins? See, as soon as you visit the doctors they will have primary-level discussions with you before any proper diagnostic tests.

The doctors will gain an insight into the symptoms of ED that you have been going through for the last couple of days. how frequent such symptoms are occurring, your age, current health status the presence of any other sexual or other disorders, and so on.

All this will fall under the immediate process for diagnosing ED. This gives the doctors mostly an idea about the symptoms of ED, the probable root causes or reasons behind ED issues, and the possibilities of guiding the right treatment method for the patient according to their age and current health.

Treatments to opt for when dealing with ED

Of course, dealing with ED can provide you with many options and treatment methods. You can look for an apt treatment or remedy for curing your ED issues by speaking with the doctors and consulting with them according to your budget.

Here are some of the most recommendable methods for curing ED or impotence-

Use of medicines

Probably the most opted method for ED patients is the use of medicines. There are medicines available these days such as Viagra, Cialis, and many other generic brands of ED medicines that can provide you with an instant remedy. Remember that there is one major lagging point for using medicines. And that is although they can provide you with an instant erection this form of ED remedy is only temporary lasting as long as the effects of the medicine are still active.

Surgeries for ED

With advancements in medical science, there are possibilities of undergoing ED surgeries. Some of the most recommended surgeries for ED these days include penile arterial reorientation surgery, penile implant insertion surgeries, vacuum pumps, and penile prosthetic devices that allow penile hardening. This form of ED remedy although costly could provide you with a permanent and life-long ED treatment option.

Herbal remedy for ED

Many herbal ingredients can help cure ED issues. Some of the most common ingredients included in herbal supplements include Chinese red Ginseng, Gingko biloba, horny goat weed, DHEA, yohimbine, and so on.

Diet and lifestyle changes

Other treatment options for ED include undergoing specific diet changes to help cure ED issues. Some of the other natural means for curing ED include avoiding the use of alcohol, doing exercises for ED, yoga and meditation, and so on.

Psychotherapy for ED

Those patients who are experiencing ED trouble due to mental health issues such as depression or anxiety can take the help of psychotherapists to deal with the situation. Such experts help you in recovering from your anxiety and stress through completely natural means.

The latest curable method for ED- GAINSWave

GAINSWave is probably the most advanced and new form of treatment for ED. Under this process, the penis and the balder regions are exposed to low-frequency sound waves. According to doctors, this helps in increasing the blood flow through the penis tissues also avoiding any possible blood clots in the region.

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